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"Fairchild, J., & Co., Pianoforte Manufacturers (for extreme climates), 200, High Holborn." The British Colonies : their history, extent, condition and resources, 1851, p. 6 (archive.org)



'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1818-57

FAIRCHILD J. & Co (*1850)(y1851), 'Pianoforte- Manufacturers for extreme climates'

FAIRCHILD Joseph (**1852)


42, Margaret Street, Cavendish Square (*1818), 200, High Holborn (*1850)(y1851)¨**1852)(y1854)(y1857), London
FAIREY Amos 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1914-15 23, Lonsdale Square, N. (*1914)(*1915), London
FAIRN Alexander 'Harpsichord-maker' ca. 1793 (*1793), London
FALKNER Henry Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1822 3, Old Bond Street (**1822), London
FALLOWES R. & Co Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 19?? London
FARMER Henry  


Photo of the shop in Nottingham (exterior)
Photo of the interior


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1855 High Street (xx1855), Nottingham
FARR Enoch  

Patent of 1863 : "Tarr. Farr. 29th April 1863. - 1077. William Tarr, of 112, York Street, Oxford Street, Manchester, and Enoch Farr, of 40, Cavendish Street, Oxford Street, Manchester, for an invention for An improvement in pianofortes. Letters Patent sealed." Chronological index of patents applied for and patents, 1864, p. 74

Patent of 1865 : "Dated 3 otober 1865. 2540 E. Farr, Cavendish-street, and W. Tarr,York-street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester, and I. Gregory, F.R.G.S., Victoria Park, Manchester. Improvements in pianofortes." Mechanics Magazine, 1865, p. 289

Patent of 1865 : "ENOCH FARR, Cavendish-street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester, and ISAAC GREGORY, Victoria Park, Moss Side, Lancashire, Improvements in the construction of pianofortes. Petition recorded 29th November. 1865." The Engineer, Volume 20, 1865, p. 428 - or - A.D. 1865, November 29. — N° 3064. FARR, Enoch, and GREGORY, Isaac. —Improvements in the construction of pianofortes, that is, in pianoforte actions. The bottom of the sticker carries a pin which passes through a piece of leather or cloth into an orifice at the back end of the key; the sticker is held in position by a lever which moves through a slot in it, and which is centred at one end to a pro ection from the sticker and at the other to a lever rail. The hopper is centred at bottom to the sticker, its top resting against, the hammer butt; the regulating wire is screwed through the hopper into the sticker; the button which it carries is placed between them, a recess being cut in the hopper to admit it. The check wire is fixed to the butt, the check button to the sticker. The hammer butt is acted upon by a spring secured to the hammer rail. The damper is fixed to the lever. A balance repeater spring acts on the hopper; it is connected with the butt, and, being affected in tension by the movement of the butt, regulates the force of the spring on the hammer rail. A touch regulator is inserted in the sticker and is connected by a bridle to a spring. The lever rail serves as a damper rail; it turns on a centre fixed to the frame, and is in connection with the damper pedal. (see next )



'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1863-67

TARR & FARR (1863)(*1864), see also TARR

FARR E., TARR W., GREGORY I. (***1865), see also GREGORY

FARR & GREGORY (*1865)(*1867)


In a horizontal instrument the check wire is fixed to the hopper; the butt is not acted on by a spring, and the repeater regulates the fall of the hammer and causes the hopper to resume its position under the step of the butt. Modification 1. The lever is .dispensed with, the sticker being fixed firmly to the key. The damper is pendent; its upper end is jointed to the hammer rail, and a regulating button removes it from and presses it against the strings. The hammer rail is also the damper rail, being made to turn on an axis and being put into connection with the pedal. 2. The key vibrates upon a point under or near to the angle of the lever  formed by the sticker and key; the regulating screw with its button is inserted in the rest rail, and the hopper is made in the form of a bell-crank lever." Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Paints ..., 1871, p. 463

Patent of 1866 : ""Farr. Gregory. 4th September 1866. - 2276. Enoch Farr, of 40, Cavendish Street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester, and Isaac Gregory, of Victoria Park, Manchester, both of the County of Lancaster, for an invention for Improvements in pianofortes." Letters Patent sealed." Chronological index of patents applied for and patents granted ..., 1867, p. 158

 Exhibitors list Paris, 1867


40, Cavendish Street, Oxford Street (*1864), Cavendish Street, Chorlton-upon-Medlock (*1865), Chorlton Hall, Victoria Park (*1867), Manchester
FAULKNER George 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1893 Up., Spring Street, West, Camden Town (*1893), London
FEARN Joseph


1848 - "In the Queen's Prison. Joseph Fairchild, late of No. 23, Thanet-street, Burtoncrescent, Saint Pancras, Middlesex, Journeyman Piano Forte Maker." The London Gazette for the year 1848, p. 1178


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1848 23, Thanet Street, Burtoncrescent, Saint Pancras, Middlesex (*1848), London
FELIX André & Cie 'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1920 London
FENTON C. E. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1893 20, Culmore Road, Asylum Road, Peckham, S. E. (*1893), London
FENTON J. 'Music Warehouse' ca. 1818 78, Strand (*1818), London
FEORD Garret 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1914-15 18, Prebend Street,Camden Town, N.W. (*1914)(*1915), London




'Pianoforte-maker' since 1881 214, Grove Road, Bow, E. (**1895)(*1914)(1911)(*1915)(1928), London
FIELD W. O. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1880 114, London Road, E. (**1880), Liverpool
FIELDING Thomas David & Co  

'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1882-84

FIELDING Thomas David & Co (**1884)

FIELDING & Co (**1884)


116, Hackney Road, E. (**1882)(**1884), London
FIELDWICK R. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1907-09 108, Upper Richmond Road, Putney, S. W. (*1907)(*1909), London
FIFIELD John 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1868-74 House Pond (**1868)(*1874), Woburn
FILKIN Thomas 'Pianoforte-maker and tuner' ca. 1875-1909 111, Park Road, S. (*1875), 77, Park Road S. (**1880), 77-79, Park Road (*1895)(*1906)(*1909), Liverpool
FIMISTER John Ebenezer 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1882-91 33, Thornton Street, Horslydwn, S.E. (**1882), 4, Freeschool Street, S.E. (**1884), 181, Tooley Street, S.E. (**1891), London
FINLAYSON W. S. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1860 Promenade Villas (xx1860), Cheltenham
FIRTH George Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1834-46 110, Briggate (x1834)(*1837), 15, George Street (*1846), Leeds
FISCHER Pierre Frederick  

Patent of 1832 : "Pierre Frederick Fischer, of Chester-place, Regent's Park, gentleman, for certain improvements in piano-fortes (communicated by a certain foreigner residing abroad)." The Annual Register, Or, A View of the History, Politics, and ..., Volume 74, 1833, p. 453


Jean Henri PAPE's Inventions, and see also PAPE'S  brother in law FISCHER Pierre Frederick, who resigned his patents in England.


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1832-35


Patent of 1835 : "To Pierre Frederick Fischer, of Great Marlboroughstreet, in the county of Middlesex, merchant, for certain improvements in pianofortes, communicated to him by a foreigner residing abroad.— [Sealed 15th May, 1835.] The subjects of this patent are rather numerous and various, and are extended to a considerable magnitude, both in the description and drawings, without much attention to clearness. We shall, however, consider it sufficient, in this instance, to give but a slight report of the matter, from a conviction that the invention is neither one of general interest, nor are the novel points at all obvious. One of the features is, the construction of the action mechanism to be applied to a pianoforte, in which the tones are produced by the vibrations of metallic springs. These sounding springs may be of a variety of forms, either coiled in helical curves, convolute curves, zigzags, or other bent shapes; or they may be of straight rods, bars, or forks, or a combination of these in various ways. The mode of bracing the framework of the instrument constitutes one feature; and the effect of the touch upon the keys may be varied by an adjustable contrivance. The sounding board is placed in connexion with the head or tympanum of a kettle drum, in order to produce a brilliancy of tone; and the instrument is mounted upon castors, which have helical springs in their sockets, to prevent derangement when moved about.— [Inrolled in the Inrolment Office, November, 1835.]" The London Journal of Arts and Sciences, and Repertory of Patent ..., Volume 14, William Newton, 1839, p. 13-14


Great Marlborough Street (*1839), Middlesex, London
FISH William Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1842 7, London Street (*1842), Norwich
FISHER John Smith  

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1891-95


82, Leader Street, Chelsea, S.W. (**1891)(**1895), London


1851 - "WHEREAS a Petition for adjudication of Bankruptcy was, on the 11th day of June 1851, filed against Thomas Fisher, of No. 85, Gower-street, Bedford-square, and of No. 12, Tottenham-street, Tottenham-court-road, both in the county of Middlesex, Piano Forte Manufacturer, and he having been declared bankrupt is hereby required to surrender himself to Edward Holroyd, Esq. one of Her Majesty's Commissioners of the Court of Bankruptcy, on the 26th day of June instant, at eleven o'clock in the forenoon precisely, and on the 15th day of July next, at two o'clock in the afternoon precisely, at the Court of Bankruptcy, Basinghall-street, in the city of London, and make a full discovery and disclosure of his estate and effects; when and where the creditors are to come prepared to prove their debts, and at the first sitting to choose assignees, and at the last sitting the said bankrupt is required to finish his examination. All persons indebted to the said bankrupt, or that have any of his effects, are not to pay or deliver the same but to Mr. James Foster Groom, No. 12, Abchurch-lane, Lombard-street, the Official Assignee, whom the Commissioner has appointed, and give notice to Mr. William Cox, Solicitor, Pinners' Hall, Old Broad-street." The London Gazette, 13/06/1851, p. 1565

1851 - "Bankrupcies annulled - Oct. 28th. T. FISHER, Gower-street, piano-forte manufacturer." The Household narrative of current events, 26/11/1851, p. 264

1855 - "T. Fisher the elder, Gower-street, Bedford-square, Middlesex, pianoforte maker: in the Debtors Prison for London and Middlesex." The Jurist, 1855, p. 131


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1851-55

"LOW-PRICED PIANOFORTES. [...]Mr Thomas Fisher of Gower Street, Bedford Square, having informed us that he has made a 6¾ piccolo, with metallic plate, pine case French polished, and the usual furnishings, at twenty pounds, we requested a friend of adequate skill to examine it and report. The report is as follows : —  It is a very good school-room piano, suitable for rough usage. The tone is clear, full, and rather loud than otherwise — something like the old-fashioned upright pianos. It wants in softness and richness, and would be more fitted for hard practising than for drawing-room music, or as an accompaniment to the voice. The appearance of the instrument is quite plain, though not inelegant. Altogether it would be a most useful instrument where the modern refinements of tone were not required." Chambers's Journal, Volume 14, 1851, p. 46


12, Tottenham Street, Tottenham Court Road (x1851), 85, Gower Street, Bedford Square, Middlesex (xx1851)(**1855), London
FITCHETT Frederick  



'Pianoforte-maker' since 1872


 19, Greenwood Road, Graham Road, Dalston, N.E. (?), London

Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1884


11, Queen Road, Peckham, S.E. (**1884), London



'Pianoforte-maker' since 1879

FITZSIMMONS & SHARPE (**1882)(**1884)

FITZSIMMONS Robert (*1893)(*1895)(*1897)(**1904)



22a, Middlesex Street, Pancras Road, N.W. (**1882)(**1884), 1a, Collège Street, West Camden Town (*1893), 97, Duncombe Road, Upper Holloway (*1895)(*1897), 93, Elthorne Road, Horsney Rise, N. (**1904), 102, Archway Road Highgate (19??), London


FLAVELL Charles E. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1884-1909 26, North Audley Street, W? (**1884), 13, Mortimer Street, W. (*1907), 43, Mortime Street, W. (*1909), London

Respectfully informs the Nobility and Gentry, that his Rooms are now replete with every descriptionof Piano-fobtes, by the most celebrated makers.
Every Musical Work of merit, both English and Foreign, received as soon as published.
Piano-fortes and Harps taken in exchange, tuned, repaired, and lent on hire.
N. B. A large assortment of Second-hand Piano-fortes." Osborne's Guide to the Grand Junction, Or Birmingham, Liverpool, and ..., 1838, p. 94


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1838 23, Bennett's Hill (x1838), Birmingham
FLEMING & BARKER 'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1904-19 97, Duncombe Road, Horsney Rise, N. (**1904)(*1916)(*1917)(*1918)(*1919), London
FLEW W. L.  

Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1842


6, North Street, Lambeth (x1842), London
FLIGHT Benjamin senior mainly 'organ builder' ca. 1801-05  Old Lisle St. Leicester Square (18??), London
FLIGHT Benjamin junior

(1767 - 1847)



"FLIGHT, BENJAMIN, an eminent organ builder, born about 1767, was the son of Benjamin Flight (see above), who, in the latter part of the last century, carried on, in partnership with John Kelly, under the style of ‘Flight and Kelly, the business of organ building at Exeter Change. Young Flight learned the art of constructing organs from his father. About the year 1800 he commenced business, in partnership with Joseph Robson, in Lisle Street, Leicester Square, under the style of Flight They afterwards removed to St. Martin's Lane, where they constructed and for many years publicly exhibited the Apollonicon. [See Apollon Icon.] The partnership was dissolved in 1832, after which Flight, in conjunction with his son, J. Flight, who had long actively assisted him, carried on business in St. Martin's Lane, as ‘Flight and Son.” Flight invented many improvements in organ building which prepared the way for still superior mechanism. Amongst them was an apparatus for steadying the wind, added to the bellows during a reparation of Father Schmidt's organ at Trinity College, Cambridge, which preceded, and possibly suggested, the concussion bellows. B. Flight died in 1847 aged 80, and Robson in 1876. Flight's son continues the business in St. Martin's Lane under the name of Flight and Son." A Dictionary of Music and Musicians, 1879, p. 532-533



'Pianoforte-maker' and mainly 'Organ builder' ca. 1800-31

FLIGHT & Co untill (1805)

FLIGHT & ROBSON (1805-1832)(*1812), see also ROBSON Joseph


 9, Old Lisle St. Leicester Square (1805),  101, St. Martin's Lane (*1812)(**1823)(*1831), London

Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1906-07


240, Grey's Inn Road (*1906)(*1907), London
FLOR Z. John  

Square pianoforte ca. 1850, hammerfluegel.info


'Instrument-maker' and 'pianoforte-maker' ca. 1850


London ?
FOLLETT Ernest Albert Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1916-18 29, Grove Vale, East Dulwich, S.E. (*1916)(*1917)(*1918), London
FORCE George  

1830 - "Insolvent Debtors [...] Force George, formerly of George-street, Oxford-street, London, afterwards of the Five-ways, then of Cannon-street, Birmingham, and late of Lawley-street, Ashted, in Aston, near Birmingham, organ-builder and piano-forte maker and tuner, in partnership with James Lambley." The Law Advertiser, 1830, p. 151


'Organ-builder and piano-forte maker and tuner' ca. 1830



Lawley Street (*1830), Ashted, Aston, near Birmingham

FORRESTER John Ltd. 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1914-15 79, Barnet Grove, Bthnl. Grn., N.E. (*1914)(*1915), London
FORREST Robert  



'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1900

Established 1833 [?]

FORREST & Son (??)

'Late W. A. BOUCHER', see William Amstrong BOUCHER in Ludlow, Shropshire


High Street (***1863), 37, Castle Street (?), Shrewsbury
FORSTER H. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1915 1, Silezia buildings, Mare Street, Hackney, N.E. (*1915), London
FORSTER Robert 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1884 85, Whitfield Street, Fitzroy Square, W. (**1884), London
FORSTER William 'Musical Instrument maker' ca. 1793-1822 348, Strand (**1793)(*1794)(*1803), 87, Strand (*1818)(**1822), London
FORSYTH Brothers Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1906-10 267, Regent Street, W. (*1906)(*1907), 36, Great Fichfield Street (*1910), London
FORSYTH Brothers Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1895-1910 122-124, Deansgate (*1895)(*1906)(*1909)(*1910), Manchester
FORSYTH James 'Pianoforte-maker' before 1843  London

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1874-93

FOSTER, GOODE & Co (**1874)

FOSTER & Co (*1893)


High Road, Tottenham, N. (**1874)(*1893), London
FOSTER George A. 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1904-19 45, Monsell Road, Finsbury Park, N. (**1904)(*1916)(*1917)(*1918)(*1919), London
FOSTER George R. 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1874 h. Central (*1874), Woburn
FOSTER H. & Co Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1914 1, Silesia Buildings, Mare Street, Hackney, N.E. (*1914), London
FOSTER Michael Peter Junior 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1855 8, Beast Market Hill (xx1855), Nottingham
FOSTER R. W. 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1850-60 Ipswich, Suffolk
FOULDS Charles

(? - 1945)


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1900-20

FOULDS Charles & Son Limited (1921)


5, Waverly Mount (y1945), Nottingham, Derby
FOX Thomas  

Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1893-1919

FOX Thomas (**1901)(**1904)(*1917)(*1919)


273, Brixton Road, S.W. (*1893)(**1896)(**1901)(**1904)(*1916)(*1919), Brixton Road, S.W. (*1917), London
FOX Thomas George 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1916-19 113, Cottenham Road, Upper Holloway, N. (*1916)(*1917)(*1918)(*1919), London
FRANCE Brothers  

'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1921


North Road (*1921), Ravensthorpe, Dewsbury

Pianoforte-makers and/or piano dealers ca. 1906-10


142, Charing Cross Road, W. (*1906)(*1907)(*1910), London
FRANCIS Mrs. Hannah Rosetta  

Pianoforte-maker and/or piano dealer ca. 1914-15


193, Well Street, South Hackney, N.E. (*1914)(*1915), London
FRANKLIN C. 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1806-08 135, Hollborn Hill (*1807)(*1808), London
FRANKS William Pianoforte-maker and/or piano dealer and pianoforte tuner ca. 1837 18, Guildford Street (*1837), Leeds
FRECKER William  

Grand pianoforte of 1799, Andrew Appel Collection, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.


'Grand Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1793-1820 101, Wardour Street, Soho (**1793), 31, Rathbone Place, Oxford Street (*1807)(*1808)(*1814)(*1816)(*1818)(*1820), London
FREEMAN F. Thomas 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1890 Highgate Hill, N. (*1893), London
FREETH Thomas Augustus  

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1893

Bankrupt in 27th March 1860, The Solicitors' Journal and Reporter, Volume 4, 31/03/1860, p. 423


Highgate Hill, N. (*1893), London
FRENCH Music Association 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1903-10 143, Regent Street W. (*1903)(*1906)(*1909)(*1910), London
FRENCH James Martin  

Patent of 1862 : "FRENCH. 14th April 1862. 1067. JAMES MARTIN FRENCH, of Birmingham, in the County of Warwick, Pianoforte Manufacturer, for an invention for Improvements in upright pianofortes. Provisional protection only." Chronological and Descriptive Index of Patents Applied for and Patents, 1863, p. 74



'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1861-62

LONDON - "3399 French, J. M. 67, Bull-st. Birmingham. — Cottage grand piano, with tubular braced back." International exhibition, 1862 : Official catalogue of the industrial department, 1862, p. 54

67, Bull Street (xx1861)(*1862)(xx1862), Birmingham, Warwick

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1795


FREUDENTHALER Jean Guillaume in Paris in 1789.



Square pianoforte ca. 1772, Bate Collection, University of Oxford, Oxford, England, U.K.
Square pianoforte ca. 1776, Present owners unknown (auction Sotheby's 1980)
Square pianoforte ca. 1776, Present owners unknown

Square pianoforte ca. 1776, Andreas Beurmann Collection, Hamburg, Germany



'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1776-1800 (2)

Patent of 1800 : "3. Mr. George -Froschle, of Great Pulthey-street, Westminster, musical instrument maker, for improvements in the pedal harp. [Dated May 3.]" Agricultural Magazine, Volume 3, 1800, p. 205 - and - THE ANNUAL REGISTER, OR A VIEW OF THE HISTORY, POLITICS, AND LITERATURE ..., 1810, p. 380

Patent of 1??? : "Sie ließ durch den deutschen, aber feit 30 Jahren in England wohnenden Instrumentenmacher Fröschle nach ihrer und Boßkers Angabe eine Harmonika mit einem Refonanzboden verfertigen, die sich von andern Instrumenten dieser Art vorzüglich auszeichnet [...]" Ueber mich selbst und meine Unglücksgefährten die Blinden, 1807, p. 48


Great Pulthey Street, Westminster (**1800), London
FROOMS Henry  

Patent of 1855 : "1916. Henry Frooms, of Manchester, Lancaster, pianoforte manufacturer. Improvements in the manufacture of pianofortes." Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel ..., Volume 63, 1855, p. 262


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1855-1909; (*1855) 74, Upper Brook Street (*1895)(*1906)(*1909), Manchester, Lancaster
FROOMS George F.  

"Frooms & Co, 239, Commercial Road, London E., Etabl. 1854 - 3 Doors from Phipot Street. High Class Pianoforte Makers. We are now offering High-Class Pianofortes for the remarkably low sum of 2/6 per week, sent home immediately, carriage free. No deposit required. New cash line. 12 Guineas. - Iron frame, check action, seven octaves, handsome walnut and gold case and sconces; warranted for 10 years; the cheapest instrument ever offered to the public. Other classes equally cheap. American organs & harmoniums. From 5s per Month. Every instrument waranted. Tunings, Repairs and Removals at less than usual charged." The Palace Journal, 13/08/1890, p. 8


'Pianoforte-makers' since 1854

FROOMS George F. & Co (**1882)(**1891)(**1895)

FROOMS & Co (**1884)(*1890)

Succ. by WITTON David J. (**1884)

239, Commercial Road, East, E. (**1882)(**1884)(*1890)(**1891)(**1895), London
FROST Charles Joseph Pianoforte-makers and/or piano dealers ca. 1874 2, Newton Terrace, High Road, Lee, S.E. (x1874), London
FROST John 'Organ Builder' ca. 1793 89, Gray's Inn Lane (**1793), London
FROST & Sons Pianoforte-makers and/or piano dealers ca. 1906-10 743, Rochdale Road (*1906)(*1909)(*1910), Manchester
FRY J. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1836 1, Trenchard Street (x1836), Bristol
FRYER Daniel  

1844 - "Insolvent Debtors [...] Daniel Fryer, formerly of No. 16, Queen-street, Camdentown, having a shop of business at No. 24 ½, Cardingtonstreet, Euston-square, both in Middlesex, Piano Forte Maker, afterwards of the George and Crown Public-house, No. 12, Broad-street, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, Licenced Victualler, also having the said shop of business at No. 24 ½, Cardington-street aforesaid, and being a Piano Forte Maker, and late of No. 18, Paul-street, Finsbury, Middlesex, out of business or employment." The London Gazette, 1844, p. 1072


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1840-44


1840 - "Notice is hereby given, that the partnership hitherto existing between Daniel Fryer and John Manktelow, carrying on the bussiness of Piano-Forte Manufacturers, at No. 11, Huntley-street, Bedford-square, in the county ofMiddlesex, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. - Dated this 28th day of April 1840. Daniel Fryer. John Manklelow." The London Gazette, 01/05/1840, p. 1110 - see also MANKTELOW

11, Huntley Street, Bedford Square (xx1840), 24 ½, Cardington Street  (18??), London
FULLALOVE Martin 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1852 69, Judd Street, Brunswick Square (**1852), London


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