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Brand Image Info Addresses

Pianoforte-maker and/or dealer ca. 1855


Steep (xx1855), Petersfeld
EARLE T. W. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1901 Lower Addiscombe Road, Croydon (**1901), London
EASON Alexander  


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1882-97  

217-219, Kentish Town Road, N.W. (**1882)(**1884)(**1891)(*1893)(*1895)(**1895)(*1897), Grafton Mews Prince of Wales Road (**1884), Angler's Lane, Kentish Town, N.W. (**1884), London


EASRMURE Joseph 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1818 (3) London


LONDON - "3395 Eavestaff, W. 17, Sloane-st. — A trichord walnut wood piano, 7 octaves." International exhibition, 1862 : Official catalogue of the industrial department, 1862, p. 54


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1852-62

Exhibitors List London, 1862

17, Sloane Street (**1852)(*1862), 14, Berners St. Oxford St. (?), London

Edinburgh, Scotland

EAVESTAFF William Glen


Cabinet pianoforte ca. 1845, MIM, Brussels, Belgium

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'Pianoforte-maker' since 1823 untill 1910 -  [According M. Pizzi established in 1804]

EAVESTAFF William Glen (**1841)(*1843)(**1852)(**1855)(*1862)(*1864)(*1873)(**1882)(**1884)(*1893)(*1895)(*1897)(*1903)

EAVESTAFF William Glen & Sons (**1891)(**1895)

EAVESTAFF & Sons (*1906)(*1907)(*1909)(*1910)

LONDON - "3396 Eavestaff, W. G. 60, Gt. Russell-st. Bloomsbury. — Piano." International exhibition, 1862 : Official catalogue of the industrial department, 1862, p. 54

LONDON - "Mr. W. G. EAVESTAFF (3396) exhibits three uprights, and is Honourany Mentioned for good workmanship." Reports by the Juries on the subjects in the thirty-six classes into which ..., 1862, p. 148

LONDON - "EAVESTAFF, WILLIAM GLEN. – Upright and Oblique Pianofortes, in metal frames, with varied check actions." The Musical Standard: A Newspaper for Musicians, Professional and Amateur, 22/08/1885, p. 121

LONDON - "At 3,611, Mr. W. G. EAVESTAFF, Berners-street, shows a pianoforte-case of good design, in American walnut wood, with ornamental hinges on the fall, and the front panels coloured in imitation of marquetry." The Furniture Gazette, 01/07/1885, p. 310

Exhibitors List London, 1862 | Exhibitors List London, 1872 | Exhibitors list London, 1885


66, Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury (**1841)(x1842)(*1843)(**1852), Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury (**1855), [60], Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury (*1862)(*1864)(*1873), South Place Euston Road, N.W. (**1882)(**1884)(**1891)(**1895), 14, Berners Street, Oxford Street, W. (**1882)(**1884)(**1885)(**1891)(*1893)(*1895)(**1895)(*1897)(*1899)(*1903)(*1906)(*1907)(*1909), 38, Baker Street (*1910), London

'Pianoforte-manufacturer' ca. 1858

Patent of 1858 : "1568. Ebenezer Chard, of Islington, for improvements in pianofortes." Newton's London Journal of Arts and Sciences, 1858, p. 183


Islington, London
EBERHARDT 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1914  

113, Cottenham Road, Holloway, N. (*1914), London



"Eberhart -Englisch factor fecit in Paris 1784"


'English factor' ca. 1784


EBERHARD Philippe à Paris



London ?

Paris, France


ECCLES Alfred 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1900 ? Leeds
ECKSTEDT Thomas James 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1843-52 1, Bridge House place Boro (*1843), 17, Crosby Row, Walworth Road (**1852), London
ECKE Carl 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1895-1914 31, Conduit Street, W. (**1895), 12, Percy Street, W. (*1914),  London
EDGAR James J. 'ianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1880 3, Upper Duke Street, W. (**1880), Liverpool
EDMEADES William  

'Patent Grand and Cabinet Pianoforte-manufacturer' ca. 1842-52

EDMEAD [sic] Wiliam & Co (*1843)

LEVESQUE, EDMEADES & Co (x1848)(*1850)(**1852), see also LEVESQUE


 32, Walbrook (x1842)(*1843), London
EDWARDS A. & BARON 'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1914_15 238a, Dalston Lane, N.E. (*1914)(*1915), 281, Mare Street, N.E. (*1914)(*1915), London
EDWARDS A. & BUTTON 'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1904-10 24, Stoke Newington Road, N. (**1904), 45 1/9, Green Lane (*1910), London
EDWARDS H. 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1842 2, Seymour Street, Euston Square (x1842), London
EDWARDS John 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1891-95 10, Euston Buildings, N.W.(**1891)(**1895), London
EDWARDS Richard 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1852-1909  

1, Seymour Street, Euston Square, N.W. (**1852), 28, Southampton Mews, Euston Square, N.W. (**1882), 10, Euston buildings, Euston Square, N.W. (**1884), 2, Seymour Street, Euston Square, N.W. (**1882)(**1884)(*1893), New Wharf Road (*1895)(*1897)(*1899)(*1903)(*1906)(*1907)(*1909), London


EDWARDS Robert 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1852  20, Hanway Street, Oxford Street (**1852), London
EDWARDS & SEARLE 'Pianoforte-makers' (date ?) London
EDWARDS William Henry  

Square pianoforte date ?, Georgian House, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
Square pianoforte ca. 1800, Private Collection ?, U.K.
Square pianoforte ca. 1805, Susan A. Butt, Bath, England, U.K.
Upright pianoforte before 1836, Collection McCrae, McCrae Homestead, Victoria, Australia


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1803-43 17, Bridge Road, Lambeth (*1803)(*1814)(*1816)(*1817)(*1818)(*1820)(*1823)(x1825)(**1841)(x1842)(*1843), London

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'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1841-43  

64, Seymour Street, Euston Square (**1841)(*1843), 63-64, Seymour Street, Euston Square (x1842), London


EKSTEDT Thomas J. 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1842-84 1, Bridge House Place, Newington [Boro.] (x1842)(*1843), 148, Blackfriars Road, S.E. (**1882)(**1884), London
ELLETT Edward 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1852

WARREN, ELLETT & Co (**1852), see also WARREN

5 & 7, Hoxton Old town (**1852), London
ELLIS & Co Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1916-17 89, Stroud Green Road, N. (*1916)(*1917), London
ELLIS Edward 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1855 Wilson Street, Newark (xxx1855), Nothingham
ELLIS John 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1888-1919

ELLIS John Ltd. (*1918)(*1919)


1, 6, 7, Kenmur Yard, K. Road (*1895)(*1897)(*1899)(*1903)(*1906)(*1907)(*1909), [2a], Wiesbaden Road, Stoke Newington, N. (**1904)(*1910), 130, Shacklewell Lane, Hackney, N.E. (*1916)(*1917)(*1918)(*1919), London


ELLIS & Co Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1918-19 89, Stroud Green Road, N. (*1918)(*1919), London
ELMA 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1950 London
ELMAN Brothers & Co Ltd. 'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1914-15 159, Whitechapel Road, E. (*1914)(*1915), London
ELMORE & Son 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1900 ? London
ELWICK Joseph 'Harpsichord and Piano Forte Maker' ca. 1793-94  55, Long-Acre (**1793), London




Piano brand used by Robert MORLEY  and CHAPPELL ?



'Pianoforte-maker' since 1892



ENGLAND J. 'Organ Builder' ca. 1793 Stephen Street, Tottenham Court Road (**1793), London
ENGLAND James 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1836-63 1, Horfield Road (x1836), 5, Alfred Place, Kingsdown (***1863), Bristol
ENGLISH PIANO FACTORY 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1900 London
ENNEVER William Joseph  

LONDON - "Messrs. Ennever and Steedman exhibit an upright cottage, 6¾ octaves, C to A, in highly decorated case. The keys (made by Messrs. Brookes) are of pearl and tortoiseshell, instead of ivory and ebony. We think this is a mistake, as the variegated shades must disturb the eye of the player." Newton's London Journal of Arts and Sciences, 1851, p. 30

LONDON - "479 Ennever & Steadman, 31 George Street, Euston Square - Manufacturers. Elegant walnut marquetrie semi-cottage pianoforte, new design, with double action. The pearl and tortoise-shell keys made by T. and H. Brooks, 31 Cumberland Market. Plain walnut square-fall piccolo, or microchordian piano-forte, with single action." Official description and illustrated catalogue of the Great exhibition, 1851, p. 465

LONDON - "479 Ennever & Steedman, Fab., 31, George Street. – Zwei Pianofortes." Amtlicher Catalog der Ausstellung der Industrie-Erzeugnisse aller Völker, 1851, p. 66

"Ennever & Steedman, Pianoforte Manufacturers, with Metallic Plate, and all the last Improvements, 3, Little Crescent-street, Euston-square." The British Colonies : their history, extent, condition and resources, 1851, p. 5 (archive.org)

"PIANOFORTES. - W. J. ENNEVER & CO., PIANOFORTE MAKERS, 18, SOHO SQUARE, W. Manufacturers to the late firm of Allison and Allison, Dean Street, Soho. W. J. E. & CO. respectfully invite the attention of the Clergy, Nobility and the Profession, to the Stock of FIRST-CLASS PIANOFORTES which they have always on hand, from which to select either for Sale or Hire.
Pianofortes Manufactured For Extreme Climates. Also for Schools, in Ash, Mahogany or American Walnut, at 24 Guineas. Pianofortes Tuned, Repaired, taken in Exchange, &c." The Choir, and musical record, 03/10/1863, p. 133



'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1850-1910

Successor of ALLISON & ALLISON

ENNEVER & STEEDMAN (*1850)(**1851)(y1851)(**1852)(y1854)(y1857), see also STEEDMAN

"ENNEVER & STEEDMAN, Pianoforte Manufacturers, with Metallic Plate, and all the last Improvements, 3, Little Crescent-street, Euston-square." The British Colonies: Their History, Extent, Condition and ..., Volume 4, 1850, p. 3

ENNEVER William Joseph & Co (***1863)

ENNEVER William Joseph & Son (*1872)(**1882)(**1884)(**1891)(*1893)(*1895)(**1895)(*1897)(*1903)(*1906)(*1907)(*1909)(*1910)

Exhibitors list London, 1851


On the official site Ennever.com

3, Little Crescent Street, Euston Square (*1850)(y1851)(**1852)(y1854)(y1857), 31, George Street, Euston Square (**1851)(**1852), 18, Soho Square, W. (***1863)(**1882), [1a], Rochester Place, Kentish Town, N.W. (**1882)(**1884), 48, Rochester Road, Kentish Town (**1884), 57, Berners Street, Oxford Street, W. (**1884)(**1891)(*1893)(*1895)(*1897)(*1899)(*1903), 67, Berner Street, W. (**1895), 70, Berners Street, W. (*1906)(*1907)(*1909)(*1910), London
ENOCH & Sons  

Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1906-10


14-[14a], Great Marlborough Street, W. (*1906)(*1907)(*1910), London



'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1895-1910 26, Stanhope Street, N.W. (*1895)(*1897)(*1899)(*1903)(*1906)(*1907)(*1909)(*1910), London

ERARD Pierre

(1796 - 1855)





Patent of 1825, Newton's London Journal of Arts and Sciences, Volume 12, 1826, p. 413



Erard's Elizabethian New Patent Grand Oblique Pianoforte, Exhibition London, 1851, Official description and illustrated catalogue of the Great exhibition, 1851, p. 468


Grand pianoforte ca. 1854 , Thomas Winter, San Francisco, California, U.S.
Grand pianoforte n° 726 ca. 1862, The Schureck Piano Collection, Berowra Heights, NSW, Australia
Grand pianoforte n° 8240 of 1864, Collection Wim Van Moerbeke, Belgium

Grand pianoforte of 1832

"(306). Flügel von Pierre Erard in London 1832. Mit Tintenautograph vom Erbauer (Offert à Mendelssohn comme souvenir d'amitié par Pierre Erard, London 22 juin 1832) als Widmung an F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, aus dessen Besitz es stammt (Geschenk der Familie), sowie mit den Autographen von J. Moscheles und Pierson. Pierre Erard, Neffe und Nachfolger des berühmten Seb. Erard lebte 1796-1855. Komplizirte Stosszungenmechanik mit Zubehör. Spielart ein wenig schwerfällig, besonders bei Sprüngen, mehr für Rouladen geeignet, Klang voll und etwas dick. Umfang 6 Oktaven + Quart (C-f)." Führer durch die Sammlung alter Musik-Instrumente, 1892, p. 122

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ERARD Showroom & pianofortes, 18 Great Marlborough Street, marylebone St. Johns Wood and Mayfair, London, 1895 (historicengland.org.uk)


'Pianoforte-maker' since 1786 in London

He went back to Paris in 1796.

1837 - "The Queen has been graciously pleased to appoint Mr. Erard, of Great Marlborough-street, harp and piano-forte maker to Her Majesty. — Morning Post."  THE MUSICAL WORLD, A WEEKLY RECORD OF MUSICAL SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ..., 1837, p. 112

NOTICE is hereby given, that His Majesty has been graciously pleased, with the advice of bis Privy Council, in consideration of the merits of the invention, and the difficulties encountered by him in establishing the work, to grant to Pierre Erard of Great Marlborough-street, Harp and Pianoforte Maker to Her Majesty and the Royal Family, pew Letters Patent for his Patentactioned Grand Pianoforte.
By His Majesty's Royal Letters Patent." The Musical World, 09/06/1837, p. 216

The Council medal London, 1851 | Exhibitors list Paris, 1855 | Exhibitors list London, 1872


Everything about ERARD on this site


Online book of 1835 :  Erard's New patent action Grand Pianoforte, Pierre Erard, 1835, 16pp.


28, Broad Street (1786)(1), [18], Great Marlborough Street, W. (*1825)(*1827)(*1828)(*1840)(**1841)(x1842)(**1851)(*1852)(*1855)(*1858)(**1863)(**1882)(**1884)(**1891)(*1893)(*1895)(**1895)(*1897)(*1899)(*1903)(*1906)(*1907)(*1910)(*1914)(*1915), Little Portman Street, Oxford Street (x1842), [16], Warwick Road, Kensington Road, W. (***1868)(**1882)(**1884)(**1891), London

Paris, France

ERAT J. & J.


"J. and J. ERAT, patent harp and pianoforte manufacturers, 23, Berners-street, Oxford-street, have always on hand an assortment of second-hand INSTRUMENTS. Repairs of all kinds attended to. Harps and pianofortes for biro, strings, and every requisite always on hand." The Musical World, 05/01/1856, p. 1


'Patent Harp and Pianoforte manufacturers' ca. 1856


23, Berners Street, Oxford Street (**1856), London
ESDALE John & Co
'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1884-93 6, Trinity House, 5, Water Lane, E.C. (**1884), Chalton Street, N.W. (**1884), 6, Water Lane, E. C. (*1893), London
ETHERIDGE 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1900 ? London
ETHERINGTON & Son Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1901 Bach House & Hill Street, Richmond (**1901), London


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1882-1921

EUNGBLUT Charles & J. (**1882)(**1884)(**1891)

"Overstrung and vertical iron frames" (**1884)

EUNGBLUT & EUNGBLUT (*1893)(*1895)(*1897)(*1899)(*1903)(*1906)(*1907)(*1909)(*1914)(*1915)

EUNGBLUT C. & J. (**1895)(*1921)


 54, Queen Street, Camdentown, NW. (18??), [17-18], Prebend Street, Collège Street, Camden Town (**1882)(**1884)(**1891)(*1893)(*1895)(**1895)(*1897)(*1899)(*1903)(*1906)(*1907)(*1909)(*1910), 174, Carlton Road, Kentish Town, N.W. (*1914)(*1915), 4, Market Road, N.7 (*1921), London

'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1914-15

EUNGBLUT, ROGERS & CO (*1914), according M. Pizzi taken over by   KEMBLE ca. 1960. See also under the name ROGERS


180-182-184-186, Great Collège Street, N.W. (*1914)(*1915), London
EVANS Henry  

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1884


138, Albert Street, Regent's Park, N.W. (**1884), London
EVANS Robert William & LUCAS John  

1821 - "Notice is hereby given, that the Partnership lately subsisting and carried on by us the undersigned, Robert William Evans and John Lucas, under the firm of Evans and Lucas, as Musical Instrument-Makers, at No. 53, Cheapside, in the City of London, hath been this day dissolved by mutual consent; and that all debts owing to and from the said Copartnership will be received and paid by the said Robert Wiliam Evans, at Cheapside aforesaid. — Dated this 24th day of June 1821, R. W. Evans. - John Lucas." The London Gazette, 30/06/1821, p. 1379



'Musical Instrument makers' ca. 1821


53, Cheapside (**1821), London
EVANS Wardle Eastland



Patent of 1862 : "WARDLE EASTLAND EVANS, Market-place, Great Portland-street, London, Improvements in harmoniums, pianofortes, organs, and other similar keyed instruments." The Engineer, Volume 20, 1865, p. 428

Patent of 1865 : "A.D. 1865, December 7 - N° 3149. EVANS, Wardle Eastland. — (Provisional protection only.) —  Improvements in harmoniums, pianofortes, organs, and other  similar keyed instruments. This invention consists in a method of transposing the keys of music as may be desired. A portable or shifting keyboard is applied above the ordinary one; it is  fitted in grooves or guides attached to the body of  the instrument. Beneath the duplicate key-board is fixed a series of stickers or depressing pins for the purpose of actuating the lower keys by the pressure on the upper series; these depressors are to be brought so far forwards as to escape contact with the elevated black keys, as the sliding key-hoard is moved or shifted.



'Pianoforte-maker' ? ca. 1862-1910

EVANS & Co (*1906)(*1907)(*1910)


The upper board may also be hinged at the back to enable it to be raised from the lower board when required. The stickers may be padded with india-rubber, or leather, or felt; they may be made in two parts, the lower to screw into the upper, so that the length may be accurately adjusted to suit the touch. By these arrangements the performer may transpose music by mechanical means into various keys. An index or representation of the under keys may be painted or otherwise applied behind the keys and on the body or front of the instrument, to denote the situation of the under board and to serve as a guide to the performer in the adjustment of the upper keys." Patents for Inventions: Abridgments of Specifications Relating to Paints ..., 1871, p. 464

Patent of 1865 : "EVANS, WARDLE EASTLAND. Harmoniums, pianofortes, organs and other similar keyed instruments. 7th December 1865." Subject-matter index of patents applied for and patents granted, by B. Woodcroft, 1867, p. 276

Market Place, Great Portland Street (*1865), 24, Castle Street, W. (*1906)(*1907)(*1910), London


Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers, and mainly Music-Publishers ca. 1879-1910

EVERARD & Co (xx1879)

EVERARD & Son (19??)

123 , Upper Street (xx1879), 185, Upper Street, N. (*1906)(*1907)(*1910), London
EVETTE & SCHAEFFER 'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1899-1910 26, Old Bond Street (*1899)(*1903)(*1906)(*1907)(*1909)(*1910), London


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