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Upright piano ca. 1952-54, Museum of Industrial History, Opatówek, Poland


Manufactory CALISIA


Piano brand, since 1949, a renaming of the Arnolf Gustav FIBIGER factory of 1878. And the successor was Gustaw FIBIGER II.

CALISIA builded already 44777 pianos in 1968. And until 1977 they produced 78161 pianos. (1)


Pianoforte-brand of FIBIGER since 1949


This factory established in Calisia [or Kalisz], in Poland, since 1949  by Gustav Arnold FIBIGER (°1878). The factory become closed during WW1. After WW1 and WW2 the Soviet occupation of Poland, this company was nationalized in 1945, and they only made furniture. From around 1949, they begun again a new pianoforte production. In 2007, the Calisia factory closed. After 2010, the Calisia name was acquired by VERSHOLD.


Fortepiany koncertowe „CALISIA” by Janusz Starzyk


The Calisia History

Produkcja pianin CALISIA w latach 1950–59, of Janusz Starzyk


Calisia (Kalisz)



Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer (date ?) Warsaw (Warszawa)


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer (date ?) ???
CHOJNACKI Ludwik Ferdinand Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer (date ?) Warsaw (Warszawa)
CIEPLIK Theobald  



Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer and music editor ca. 1892–1944

1929 - "Aus der Firma Musikhaus Th. Cieplik G. m. b. H. Hauptgeschäft Beuthen ist Frau Anna Cieplik als Geschäftsführerin ausgeschieden und an ihre Stelle Herr Direktor August Kaul aus Bad Homburg getreten. Der alleinige Gesellschafter ist Herr Theobald Cieplik. Das Musikhaus Theobald Cieplik in Hindenburg ist von der Firma Musikhaus Th. Cieplik G. m. b. H. in Beuthen käuflich erworben worden und wird als Filiale weitergeführt. Die Firma Th. Cieplik G. m. b. H. besitzt außer der Filiale in Hindenburg noch die Filialen in Gleiwitz, in Oppeln und außerdem eine Klavierniederlage in Ratibor." Zeitschrift für Instrumentenbau, 1929, p. 400



33, Bahnhofstrasse (*1929)(*1933), Beuthen (before in Germany, now in Bytom, Poland)

Succursales :

11, Wilhelmstrasse (*1931), Gleiwitz, Poland 

297, Kronprinzenstrasse (*1931), Hindenburg, Germany

36, Krakauer Strasse (*1931) , Oppeln (Opole), Poland

1, Malzstrasse (*1931), Ratibor, Poland


CIEOLIK Thomas  


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1906 [since 1892 (x1906)]  33, Bahnhofstrasse (x1906), Bytom (before Beuthen, formerly Germany)
COHN Georg  


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1890 17, Kupferschmiedestrasse (xx1890), Wrocław (Breslau, formerly Germany)
CYGAN Walenty Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1870 36, Leszno (*1870), Warsaw (Warszawa)

Grand pianoforte ca. 1830, Muzeum Narodowe, Cracow, Poland
Grand pianoforte ca. 1830-1835, Andrzej Szwalbe Collection, Bydgoszcz (formerly Bromberg), Poland


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1830-35 Cracow


“CZISZAK et PETERSEN, facteurs de pianos à Krzemieniec vers 1840, cités par le Tyyodnik Petersburgski de la même année.” Les musiciens polonais et slaves, anciens et modernes: dictionnaire, Albert Sowiński, 1857, p. 139

"CZISAK and PETERSEN, founded a pianoforte factory in Krzemieniec around 1830. After their fall, the Lyceum moved to Kiev, where their instruments were very successful. In a short time they played on their grand pianoforte in numerous courts in Podolia, Volhynia and Ukraine." (Google-translation) Słownik muzyków polskich : dawnych i nowoczesnych kompozytorów, wyrtuozów ..., Albert Sowiński, 1874, p. 69


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1830-40

CZISZAK & PETERESEN (ca. 1840), look also to PETERESEN



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