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Pianoforte-makers in Ireland

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'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1793-97

PEMBERTON & Mc DONNELL (ca. 1789-92)(2)


PERRY Thomas

'Musical-Instrument-Maker' ca. 1815-30


4, Anglesea Street (*1815)(**1830), Dublin


"Messrs. Pigott & Co., Musical Instrument Importers and Music Publishers, 112, Grafton Street, and 11, Suffolk Street. The name of Pigott has long been familiar in the ears of the Dublin musical public as an old-establishid and highly respectable house connected with the sale and hire of pianofortes and other musical instruments, and as music-sellers and publishers generally. The firm of Pigott was originally established in Westmoreland Street, Dublin, by Mr. Samuel J. Pigott, the father of the present proprietor, Mr. John A. Pigott, in the year 1834. These premises not being considered large enough for the increasing business, the present more commodious house at 112, Grafton Street, was taken. The business was carried on here for nearly twenty years by Mr. Samuel J. Pigott, when in the year 1853 he died, and in his death Dublin sustained the loss of not only a kindly-hearted and good business man, but a thorough musician and a celebrated violoncellist. He was the owner of the Antonius Stradivarius celebrated "red" 'cello, date 1720, now in the possession of Signor Piatti, and considered to be at present worth 2,000; sibly the most valuable "Strad" extant. After the death of the late Mr. S. J. Pigott the business was successfully carried on by his widow, but ultimately the present proprietor, Mr. John A. Pigott, took over the business, and by steady perseverance, and the initsuance of the same fair and upright dealing which has always characterised the firm, succeeded in bringing it to its present high state of prosperity. In the year '75, when Mr. M. Gunn, the proprietor of the Gaiety Theatre and Leinster Hall, retired from the music trade, Mr. Pigott was successful in acquiring his connection and purchasing the greater portion of his stock. More recently he purchased the stock-in-trade of the firm of Crutchett & Son, 29, Grafton Street, and it may safely be said that the present position of the house over which he presides is second to none in the music trade in Ireland to day Messrs Pigott & Co. occupy handsome premises in Grafton Street (No. 112), and about six years ago the house, 11, Suffolk-Street, was added, and new warerooms built extending to and connecting with the old premises in Grafton Street. Messrs. Pigott & Co. arc sole agents in Dublin for the celebrated Schiedmayer Pianofortes, also the Steinway, Bechstein, Krauss, Ibach, Brooklyn Piano Company, and many other high-class makers. They have always in hand a stock of pianofortes and olher musical instruments that will compare with any olher supply in the country. In addition to their enormous stock, the firm h.as out "on hire" nearly fifteen hundred instruments, a fact that conveys some small idea of the trade they do. The Dublin Musical Society, of which Mr, Joseph Robinson is conductor, hold their meetings here, also the Hibernian Catch Club (Mr. B. Mullen, hon, sec), separate rooms being furnished and set off for this purpose." The Industries of Dublin. Historical, statistical, biographical. An account of the leading business men, commercial interests, wealth and growth, 1887, p. 52


'Pianoforte-maker' since 1834

PIGOTT & Co (*1893)(*1903)(*1906)(*1910)

DUBLIN - "308 Pigott, M. 112 Grafton st. Dublin. Concert grand, patent improved, and oblique grand pianofortes." The illustrated record and descriptive catalogue of the Dublin international exhibition, 1865, p. 241

Exhibitors list Dublin, 1865


112, Grafton Street (*1865)(*1893)(*1895)(*1903)(*1909)(*1910), 11, Suffolk Street (*1893)(*1895)(*1897)(*1903)(*1906)(*1909)(*1910), Dublin
PIGOTT Samuel John 'Music & Musical Instrument Seller and Publisher' ca. 1830-32 13, West Moreland Street (**1830)(*1832), Dublin
POHLMAN & Co Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1893-1910 40, Dawson Street (*1893)(*1895)(*1897)(*1903)(*1906)(*1909)(*1910), Dublin
POWER James & William 'Musical Instrument Makers' ca. 1804 36, Tighe Street (*1804), Dublin
POWER William 'Musical Instrument Maker' ca. 1804 36, Tighe Street (*1804), Dublin


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