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Pianoforte-makers in Ireland

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Brand Image Info Addresses
REID William 'Pianoforte-manufacterer' ca. 1843-46 47, Upper Arthur Street (xx1843), 55, Upper Arthur Street (*1846), Belfast
RHAMES Elizabeth 'Music-Seller & Haberdasher' ca. 1804 16, Exchange Street (*1800)(*1804), Dublin
RICE John 'Harpsichord-maker' ca. 1790 (2) Dublin
RICE Matthew 'Music Seller' ca. 1804 23, Henry Street (*1804), Dublin
RINGWOOD William 'Musical Instrument Maker' ca. 1830 150, Abbey Street (**1830), 27, Mary Street (*1832), Dublin
ROBINSON Joseph P. H.  

"Royal Harmonic Saloon, No. 7. Westmoreland - street, Dublin. - ROBINSON, BUSSELL, and ROBINSON, respectfully announce that they have just received a choice collection of Pianofortes, of every‘ variety, direct from the Mannfactories of Broadwood, Collard, Tomkison, Errard [sic], Wornum, Dettner [sic], &c. which they can with confidence recommend, and will dispose of at the very lowest manufacturer‘ prices. Harps, Guitars, Violoncellos, Tenors, Violins, Flutes, Serephines, Accordions, and every other description of instrument and article connected with the Trade, of the best quality, and by the most esteemed Makers. A great variety of cheap Second-hand Piano-Fortes. Piano-Fortes, Harps, &c. LENT ON HIRE in Town and Country. Musical Instruments Repaired, Tuned, Packed, and Removed. Every British and Foreign Musical Work received immediately after publication. Covered Spring Caravans always ready for the removal of Musical Instruments. Just received, N0. 60 of “ The Musical World"-n weekly record of Musical Science, Literature, and Intelligence. Price 3d." The University Magazine: A Literary and Philosophic Review, 1837, p. 634


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1837


ROBINSON & RUSSEL (*1844)(*1852)


"New importation of Piano-fortes from the manufactories of Broadwood, Collard & Collard, Erard, &c. &c.  - ROBINSON and BUSSELL beg leave to announce the arrival of a superb Collection of Piano-Fortes of every description, and containing all the newest Improvements, specially selected by Mr. Jose. P. H Robinson, at the Manufactories in £ the entire of which will be disposed of on the most liberal terms. Piano-Fortes, Harps, with every description of Musical Instrument, lent on Hire, in Town or Country. ROYAL HARMONIC SALOON, 7, west MORELAND-STREET." The University Magazine: A Literary and Philosophic Review, 1844, p. 105

7, Westmoreland Street (*1837)(*1844)(*1852), 55, Upper Arthur Street (*1846), Belfast
ROTHER Henry  

Square pianoforte ca. 1770-82, National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, U.K.


'Piano forte maker' ca. 1770-82


RYDER Charles 'Harpsichord Maker' ca. 1800-04 88, Marlborough Street (**1800)(*1804), Dublin


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