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Brand Image Info Addresses
SCOTT William & Co Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1906

'Piano- u. Musikinstr.-Handlung' (x1906)

3, Candleriggs (x1906), Glasgow



A History of Wood & Co, Marr & co and Logan & co, pianoforte makers, Music sellers and publishers, Scotland, 1790-1925, by Geoff Hore

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1870-90

'Musikal.-, Piano- u. Instr.-Handlung' (xx1890)

Succeeded by MARR, WOOD & Co, Aberdeen [since 1890]


191, Union street (*1870)(*1871)(*1872)(*1873)(*1874)(*1875)(**1875)(*1876)(*1877)(*1878)(x1878)(*1879)(*1880)(**1880)(*1881)(*1882)(*1883)(*1884)(*1885)(*1886)(*1887)(*1888)(*1889)(xx1890), Aberdeen


SEMPLE James  

Square portable pianoforte ca. 1850, invaluable.com (28/10/2015)
Pianoforte n° 157 ca. 1850, Marlowe A. Sigal Collection, Newton Centre, M.., U.S.
Square pianoforte n° 5266 ca. 1850, The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, County Durham, England, U.K.
Writing desk pianoforte ca. 1850, moffattpianos.com
Pianoforte ca. 1850-75, The Schubert Club, St. Paul, M.N., U.S.



'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1850-1937


SEMPLE J. (x1906), 'Instrumenten-Handlung'

SEMPLE J. W. (*1923)(*1927)(*1929)

SEMPLE J. W. & Sons (*1933)(*1936)(*1937)

123, DUKE STREET, GLASGOW. MESSRS. Semple & Wilson, after a valuable experience in the business extending to every branch, joined in partnership some three years ago, commencing operations in the premises they still occupy. Mr. Wilson retired from the firm some time ago, and Mr. John W. Semple is now the sole proprietor. The premises occupied are capitally well situated and are very desirable for their extent and convenience. They comprise a splendid show-room in the front, with two large plate-glass windows looking on the street, and stores and workshops below. Every department is thoroughly well fitted up, and the show-room is lofty, well lighted, and in every respect admirably adapted to display to the best advantage the superior collections of instruments it always contains. All the instruments offered are bought by himself, and every one before being sent out is thoroughly tested. He is thus able to fully guarantee all instruments, and patrons will find that nowhere can more reliable goods be secured than at Messrs. Semple & Wilson’s warehouse. The selection is of a very wide character, and includes the latest and most improved productions of the leading makers such as Collard & Collard, Broadwood, Erard, Steinway, Hopkins, Bechstein and others in pianos. In American organs are the best achievements of Bell, Estey, and Smith Organ Company, while harmoniums are equally well represented. The general stock is comprehensive, including ample selections of banjos, guitars, harps, flutes, piccolos, concertinas, violins, melodeons, cornets, and all kinds of wind and string instruments, among which will be found some striking novelties only just introduced to the trade. Prices here are of a very favourable kind, and every inducement in the way of payment is held out to purchasers. Everything in connection with the music trade is undertaken. Pianos are let out on hire by the day, week, or month; tuning is done singly or by contract; pianists are supplied, and bands are furnished for concerts, dances, &c. Business relations are maintained throughout the east end, with Dennistown, and for many miles in the suburbs. Mr. Semple is very popular in trading and professional circles, and much respected for his straightforward methods of doing business. He is young, able, and enterprising, and well worthy of the success he is winning."
Progress - Commerce 1894, Rivers of the North, 1894 (messybeast.com)


123, Duke Street (xx1894), 367, Duke Street (x1906), 370, Duke Street (*1923)(*1927)(*1929), 368-370, Duke Street (*1933)(*1936)(*1937), Glasgow
SENIOR Edward & Sons  

Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1890-1934 [since 1888 (xx1890)(x1906)]

SENIOR Edward (xx1890), 'Piano-, Orgel- u. Harmoniumhandlung'

Owner : Edward SENIOR (x1906)

SENIOR Edward & Sons (x1906), 'Piano-, Harmonium- u. Musikinstr.-Handlung'  in Ayr & Saltcoats


247, High Street (xx1890), 7, Union Buildings (x1906), 141, High Street (**1934), Ayr

 Countess Street (x1906), Saltcoats

SHARP & Co Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1905-06

'Musikal.- u. Musikinstr.-Handlung' (x1906)

12, Cowgate (x1905)(x1906), 11, Meadow Street (x1905), 109, Castle Street (x1905), Forfar, Dundee
SHAW & BLAND Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1930 Birmingham
SHEAN Christian 'Musical-Instrument-maker' ca. 1794 New Street Canon (*1794), Edinburgh
Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1887-1902  

24, Couper Street (**1887)(**1888)(**1889)(**1890)(***1892)(***1893)(***1894)(***1895), 16, Johnston Terrace (***1896)(***1897)(***1898)(***1899)(***1900)(***1901)(***1902), Edinburgh


SIMPSON Alexander

(? - 1918)


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer and music seller ca. 1860-1918

Partner  of William METHVEN, and head of the firm under the name METHVEN, SIMPSON & Co since 1860


Gowan Bank, Lochee Road (?), Dundee
SIMPSON James 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1879 559, Sanchiehall Street (***1879), Glasgow

Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1903-10

Owner : A. E. & M. SIMPSON (x1906)

'Musikinstr.-Handlung' (x1906) - 'Musikal.- u. Musikinstr.-Handlung' (x1906)

[51], Gordon Street (x1906), 69, Sanchiehall Street (*1903)(*1906)(x1906)(*1909)(*1910)(*1910), Glasgow
SMALL George

(1782 - 1861)


Square pianoforte ca. 18??, The Bowes Museum, Barnard Castle, County Durham, England, U.K.Square pianoforte n° 102 ca. 1835, Private Collection, Wyalla, South Australia, Australia


Organ builders and Music Sellers to his Majesty' (***1832)(***1853), 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1837

WOOD, SMALL & Co ca. 1818-29; (**1823), see also WOOD

SMALL, BRUCE & Co (***1832)(***1833)(***1834)(*1837), see also BRUCE


SMALL on Wikipedia


54, Prince Street (***1832)(***1833)(***1854), 1, Amphion Place (***1834), 101, George Street (***1834)(*1837), Edinburgh
SMART Henry S. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1890-1910

'Musikal.- u. Piano-Handlung' (xx1890)(x1906)

Bank Buildings, 119, High Street (xx1890), 119, Higgle Street (*1903)(*1906)(*1910), 201, High Street (x1906), Portobello, Edinburgh
SMITH Alexander Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1890-99 59, Albert Street (**1890)(***1892)(****1893)(***1894), 6, Drum Terrace (***1897)(***1898)(***1899), Edinburgh
SMITH James Randal Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1856  

(**1856), Glasgow

(**1856), Rothesay

SMITH R. Leslie Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1909 106, George Street (**1909)(**1910)(**1911), Aberdeen

"SOWDAN & FORGAN, PIANOFORTE AND MUSIC SELLERS, MURRAY PLACE, STIRLING; AND AT VICAR STREET, FALKIRK. THIS business was founded in 1855 by Mr. James Graham, who carried it on for thirty years upon the present premises, when both the business and premises were acquired by Messrs. Sowdan & Forgan. The establishment comprises a warehouse in the front, fitted with two handsome show-windows, while the stores, work-rooms, and a spacious saloon occupy the rear. The workshop below the saloon is a large one, with an outside entrance into Orchard Place. The warehouse and saloon are attractively fitted up, the latter being lit from the roof, and contain a large and striking display of musical instruments, including grand and cottage pianos, harmoniums, and organs by the best makers, violins, banjos, accordions, guitars, flutes, mandolines, &c., &c.


Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1890-1906

'Piano- u. Musikinstr.-Handlung' (x1906) in Falkirk

Musikal.- u. Piano-Handlung' (xx1890)(x1906) in Stirling


 There is also a large stock of sheet and other music, classical and modern, and accompaniments specially set for different instruments. A staff of competent and experienced assistants is employed to attend to the tuning and repairing of instruments. Hiring in all its branches is carried out at the shortest notice. Owing to their extensive connection in Falkirk they have opened a branch establishment in Vicar Street. Messrs. Sowdan & Forgan’s business connection is of a very wide and influential character, being largely among the aristocracy and the best families throughout the counties of Stirling, Clackmannan, and Perth." Progress - Commerce 1894, Rivers of the North, 1894 (messybeast.com)



  Murray Place (xx1894), 6, Murray Place (xx1890)(x1906), Stirling

Vicar Street (xx1894)(x1906), Falkirk


SPEIRS Henry 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1866 8, Sauchiehall Street (*1866), House : 2, Wellcroft Place, Eglinton Street (*1866), Glasgow

"C. P. STEVENSON, DEALER IN PIANOFORTES, AMERICAN ORGANS, AND ALL KINDS OF MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, ARCADE, STIRLING. MR. Stevenson commenced business in this direction two years ago. Supplemented by energy and enterprise and a well-cultured musical taste, he soon became recognised as a leading man in his line. The premises occupied are capitally situated in a prominent part of the Crawford Arcade. There is a large and attractive plate-glass frontage, where a splendid display is always made of the high-class instruments for which the house is noted. The premises run 50 feet to the rear, and have been fitted up in a handsome and effective style. Mr. Stevenson procures his goods from the most famous and reliable makers, and insures their perfection in every detail by a close personal examination. His stock includes splendid specimens of the manufacture of such celebrated producers as Hopkinson, Barnett Samuel & Sons, Hilton & Hilton, and Kaps, Dresden, and he has also in stock organs by Mason and Hamlin, Chicago Organ Company, Kelly & Co., Karn & Co., and others. Mr. Stevenson is the appointed agent for the well-known firm of Messrs. James Humphreys & Sons, Harmonium and American Organ Manufacturers, of Hampstead Road, London, and an ample selection of their superior instruments is always kept on show.


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1894-1906 [since 1892 (x1906)]

'Organist, Musikal.- u. Musikinstr.-Händler' (x1906)


 There are also choice assortments of other musical instruments and accessories, including harps, violins, banjos, guitars, mandolines, melodeons, and wind, reed, and string instruments generally. Every description of musical instrument is tuned and repaired on the shortest notice and at a very low rate of charge. A special feature is made of hiring out pianos, and second-hand pianos are taken in part-payment of new ones. By supplying in every case the most desirable and satisfactory goods, and paying prompt and careful attention to the requirements of customers, a widespread and valuable connection is maintained among the leading families and musical societies in Stirling and the surrounding country. Mr. Stevenson is well known in professional circles, where his ability as a musician is fully recognised. He is frequently before the public as the leader of high-class vocal and instrumental concerts, and no one has done, or is doing, more to uphold the musical status and reputation of the town. As a business man he is upright, fair, and liberal in his dealings, commanding the respect of all who come into contact with him." Progress - Commerce 1894, Rivers of the North, 1894 (messybeast.com)



  Arcade (xx1894), 23, The Arcade (x1906), Stirling


STEVENSON R. M. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1864-68 36, South Ray Street (x1864), 98b, Nethergate (x1867), Dundee
STEVENSON W. Le Che Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1906

'Musikal.- u. Piano-Händler u. -Stimmer' (x1906)

28, High Street (x1906), Lockerbie
STEWART A. 'Musical Instrument Maker' ca. 1823-24 65, Trongate Street (***1823)(*1824), Glasgow
STEWART A. & W. 'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1923-29 30-34, Bell Street (*1923)(*1927), 41-51, Bell Street (*1929), Glasgow
STIRRAT David 'Musical Instrument Maker' ca. 1814-15 201, High Street (*1814)(*1815), Edinburgh
STODART James 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1822-25 3, Picardy Place (*1822), 9, James Square (**1823)(**1824), 9, South James Street (x1825),  Edinburgh

Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1906 [since 1878 (xx1890)(x1906)]

'Musikal.- u. Pianohandlung' (xx1890) in Galashiels

'Musikal.-, Piano- u. Musikinstr.-Handlung. Konzert-Agentur' (x1906) in Galashiels

'Musikal.- u. Piano-Hdlg.' (x1906) in Hawick



Chamel Street (xx1890), 42, Bank Street (x1906), Galashiels

Bridge Street (x1906), Hawick



(ca. 1847 - ?)

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1862; (*1862) Glasgow
STRAINE George  

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1890-1906 [since 1877 (xx1890)(x1906)]

'Musikal.-, Piano- u. Harmonium-Handlung' (xx1890)

'Piano-Fabr., Musikal.-, Piano- u. Harmonium-Handlung' (x1906)


31, Nicolson Street (xx1890)(x1906), Greenock
STUART & GORDON Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1861 7, South Saint Street (**1861), Edinburgh
SUTHERLAND A. G. 'Pianoforte-Tuner' ca. 1897  435, Great Northern Road (**1897)(**1898)(**1899)(**1900)(**1901), Aberdeen

'Musical-Instrument-Turner at CORRI'S and Company's' ca. 1800


CORRI in Edinburgh


37, North Bridge (*1800), Edinburgh
SWAN & Co 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1879 49, Buchanan Street (***1879), Glasgow
SYME Thomas 'Musical-Instrument-maker' ca. 1784-94 Chapel of Ease (*1784), Chapel Street (*1794), Edinburgh


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