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Brand Image Info Addresses
ALCOCK Charles    

'Pianoforte tuner' ca. 1847-48


107, Marlborough Street (*1847)(*1848), Dublin
ALDAY Paul    

'Music and Pianoforte Warehouse' ca. 1815-35

ALDAY P. & Co (**1833)(*1835)


10, Dame Street (*1815)(*1821)(*1824)(*1830)(**1830)(*1832)(*1835), Dublin


Square pianoforte ca. 1790-1800, National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, Ireland, U.K.

'Piano-forte-maker' ca. 1790-1816; and 'Music and Musical-instrument-warehouse and Piano-forte-maker' ca. 1821; (*1821)

ALDRIDGE Maria & WILKINSON (*1824), 'Music-saloon'

4, Duke Street (*1815)(*1816), 2, Dame street (*1821), 2, Dame Street (*1824), Dublin
ANDREWS Thomas Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1890

'Musikal.- u. Piano-Handlung' (xx1890)

144, High Street (xx1890), Guilford
ARNOLD M. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1890

'Musikal.-, Piano- u. harmonium-Handlung' (xx1890)

20, Darling Street (xx1890), Enniskillen
ATKINS B. C. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1906

'Piano-Handlung' (x1906)

36, Warrens Place (x1906), Cork
ATKINS B. & T.  

"B. & T. ATKINS, Music and Pianoforte Saloon, Beethoven House, 81, Patrick Street, Cork.
A HIGHLY-IMPORTANT business house which is certainly destined to take an active part in the development of music culture in the South of Ireland is that conducted at Beethoven House, 81, Patrick Street, Cork, by the comparatively new-established firm named at the head of this brief notice. This concern is already well known and highly appreciated among the music-loving community of the City and district. It is conducted in every detail with all the tact and business proficiency of gentlemen who have devoted long study to all the essentials of a high-class music-selling emporium. The house, which is most centrally situated in the principal business thoroughfare of Cork, consists of a large and conspicuously elegant showroom with an attractive double frontage and an interior admitting ample space for the inspection of a lengthy range of high-class piano­fortes, harmoniums, and organs representative of the best makers and well adapted to find acceptance among those who desire only those instruments, both British and foreign, which are based upon the long-established reputation of their sources of production. The house affords what is undoubtedly a most unexampled choice in sheet music, of which families in the district are not slow to avail themselves. The pianos displayed are probably unsurpassed by any out of the English metropolis for tone, novel design, and exquisite finish ; and among these we observe pianofortes of an exceptionally handsome and light construction, well adapted and specially designed for yachts, with the owners of which the firm ought to be able to transact a valuable business.



'Music and Pianoforte Warehouse' ca. 1892


 General repairing and tuning are effectively carried on by a specially skilled staff, whose operations in tuning—an important department of the firm's business—appear to give universal satisfaction. While directing the inclinations of the public towards the productions of all good makers, the proprietors have given due precedence to Ibach's pianos, noted for excellent material and faultless construction, and we believe this is the only house in the City where these magnificent instruments are procurable. B. AND T. ATKINS have also been appointed sole agents in Ireland for Messrs. Edward Seller, the most extensive firm of pianoforte manufacturers in Eastern Germany, and whose instruments have carried off the prize medals at eleven of the World's principal Exhibitions. In transacting a large and rapidly developing trade among a widespread connection, B. AND T. ATKINS have endeavoured in every way to make the wishes of their patrons first in consideration. Schools and Institutions receive every liberality, and all the advantages of a well-directed metropolitan house are adequately conferred on customers by the enterprising proprietors, to whose courtesy and thoroughly practical efficiency is due the estimation their house has secured among the first-class concerns of this ancient City, in which music and musical art are so well developed and encouraged." Dublin, Cork and South of Ireland: A Literary, Commercial, and Social Review, 1892, p. 229 (CorkPastAndPresent.ie)


81, Patrick Street, Beethoven House (y1892), Cork
ATKINS James  

"JAMES ATKINS Pianoforte Warehouse, 111, Patrick Street, Cork. The honour of having invented the piano is claimed alike by the English, the French, and the Germans. It is now, however, generally conceded by competent authorities that this honour rests with Father Wood, an English Monk at Rome, who is said to have manufactured one in 1711, which was sold to Signor Crispi, the author of " Virginia." Count Carli, however, sets forth a claim for Bartholemmeo Christofori of Padna, in 1714, and the French still attribute the invention to one Marius, a Parisian, in 1716. On the other hand Germany comes to the front with the claim that the invention originated from J. C. Schroder, of Dresden, in 1717, who, when 18 years of age, constructed the model of a new clavier with hammers, upon which he could play loudly or softly. The reader, however, may be left to form his own conclusions respecting these items. Our purpose is to give a deservedly prominent notice in these reviews to a house which has achieved a high reputation for supplying a superior quality of these universally-used instruments. The business of Mr. James Atkins, of in, Patrick Street, Cork, was founded some 20 years ago, and is notable throughout the district, and the superior abilities and experience of the proprietor, gained in a connection with this business extending over a number of years, has resulted in the formation of a large trade not only in the City of Cork, but in various parts of the South of Ireland. The business premises, admirably situate in one of the finest streets in the City, comprise a handsome and attractive double-fronted shop suitably fitted and stocked with all classes and of nearly all the celebrated makes of pianos.
harmoniums, and all musical instruments.


'Music and Pianoforte Warehouse' ca. 1892-1906

'Piano-, Harmonium- u. Orgel-Handlung' (x1906)


It is of course well known to most persons that, during the last 25 or 30 years, the pianoforte has undergone a complete revolution in regard to the construction of the working parts, and the important improvements made by the exercise of a more extensive scientific knowledge and greater extensive skill have resulted in the production of intruments which, for touch, tone, and power, have gone far and away beyond anything ever dreamed of in the original conception of pianoforte manufacture. Mr. James Atkins has ever made an especial study of the numerous systems and various methods of construction, and is eminently qualified as a judge of the first order, and the exercise of these qualifications affords the main reason why all his business transactions are carried out so satisfactorily. Mr. Atkins has received numerous flattering testimonials relating to the high-class instruments he has supplied ; of the excellence of his goods, however, no better is required than the choice and valuable collection his showrooms contain. An extensive business is also done in new music, a large and complete stock, both sheet and bound, being always at hand for customers' selection. The interior arrangement of the shop and showrooms is complete and handsome in every respect, and affords admirable convenience for the proper conduct of the extensive trade enjoyed by the house. Mr. Atkins attends personally to the general affairs in connection with the management, the efficient character of which renders it a difficult matter to say too much by way of praise. We wish the house a long success." Dublin, Cork and South of Ireland: A Literary, Commercial, and Social Review, 1892, p. 27 (CorkPastAndPresent.ie)


111, Patrick Street (y1892)(x1906), Cork

"T. & J. ATKINS, Pianoforte and Organ Warehouse, 117, Patrick Street, Cork. PROMINENT among the various business houses that sustain the high-class trade of Cork is the Pianoforte and Organ Warehouse of Messrs. T. AND J. ATKINS, a firm whose honourable transactions in this City for upwards of twenty-one years have been attended with continuous and well-merited success. Regarding the disposal of high-class pianofortes and other instruments as the only proper basis of a sound musical education, Messrs. T. AND J. ATKINS have endeavoured to maintain a distinctly high standard in every class of musical subjects to which their attention has been directed, and they have manifested a laudable spirit in leading the inclinations of the public towards such instruments as would give absolute satisfaction to an educated and intelligent metropolitan community. This fact will be apparent to all who survey the numerous attractions in pianofortes and harmoniums, with which the Patrick Street showrooms are replete. The frontage of this spacious warehouse conveys no adequate idea of its magnitude, extending as it does internally over a very lengthy stretch of floorage and affording every facility for the proper exhibition and comparison of a range of high-class instruments representative of the productions of the best makers in London, Germany, New York, and Dublin.


'Music and Pianoforte Warehouse' ca. 1892-1906

'Musikal.-, Piano- u. Orgel-Handlung' (x1906)


 There are assortments of string and wind instruments, together with all the standard musical pieces bound and in folio, and the firm hold themselves in readiness to provide with equal promptitude and attentiveness for the requirements of a single person or of an entire orchestra. Theirs is the recognised house in the City for everything pertaining to the music saloon trade, and the firm hold a reputation of many years' standing for the liberality and courtesy with which they provide for the requirements of an influential clientele.
They enter upon all the usual operations of a superior music trade, repairing and tuning instruments and disposing of these on the ordinary terms of sale and hire ; and conduct all matters with the care and discernment of a firm long conversant with the exact requirements of a music-loving public. The practical management of the business largely devolves upon Mrs. Atkins, a lady whose musical knowledge and proficiency tend to preserve the confidence of her patrons ; and the family are not only widely respected in Cork, but have the honour to possess one of the best connections in the South of Ireland, where their name has become creditably identified with the developement of a first-class music trade." Dublin, Cork and South of Ireland: A Literary, Commercial, and Social Review, 1892, p. 221 (CorkPastAndPresent.ie)


117, Patrick Street (y1892)(x1906), Cork
ATWOOD Eliza 'Music and Musical-instrument-warehouse' ca. 1830-32

ATWOOD Charles John (*1832)

4, Nassau Street (x1830)(*1832), Dublin


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