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Pianoforte-makers in Hungary

Give a signal if there are names that are missing in this list. The term "Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer" in most cases means only a piano dealer.
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Pianoforte ca. ??, Hangszermúzeum (Museum of Musical Instruments), Budapest, Hungary

 Pianoforte-maker ca. ? Budapest

GÁL Emerich


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1878-90; (x1878)(x1890)

'Pianohandlung' (x1890)




Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1912 [since 1852 (x1912)]

Owner : Julius KOMOR (x1912), 'Führt auch Klaviere, Harmoniums, Musikinstr. u. Sprechm.'


GINTER Mathias



Square pianoforte ca. 1795, Private Collection, Switzerland
Square pianoforte ca. 1800, Private Collection, Switzerland



Pianoforte-maker ca. 1798-1818

Worked for Michael ROSENBERGER (°1796), BRODMANN (°1796) and JAKESCH Johann


Pesth (now Budapest)



 Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1890

'Pianohandlung' (x1890)

Judengasse (x1890), Eger

GÖTTLICH Gottfried


 Pianoforte-maker ca. 1822-27 661, auf der Kerespeserstrasse (*1822), 431, Stadt (*1827), Pesth (now Budapest)

GYÖRKE Alexander


 Pianoforte-maker ca. 1890; (x1890)

'Pianobauer u. Stimmer' (x1890)

Komárom (Komorn)


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