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"PIANOFORTES. — Cramer, Beale, and Co. have the best of every description, English and Foreign, New and Secondhand, for Sale or Hire. 201, Regent-street, and 67, Conduit-street." Official Catalogue of the Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry, 1851, p. 362



Pub in The Athenaeum, 13/09/1862, p. 349

Piano-Forte Gallery of Cramer, Beale & Wood,
in 207 & 209, Regent Street, London, The stranger's handbook to places worth seeing in London, 1862, p. 77

This magnificent Gallery, (four doors from the proprietors' Music Warehouse, corner of Conduit-street,) which has only been opened a few weeks, is of sufficient importance to rank as one of the "Places worth Seeing" in London. In itself the Gallery is exceedingly noble and attractive, while it comprises the finest collection of Piano-fortes, Harmoniums, Harps, &c., to be seen in the world.

It is estimated that the number of Piano-fortes made in London* per week is about -150, or about 23,000 per annum. Of these the very finest specimens— those of Messrs. Erard, Broadwood, Collard, and a host of other makers of great excellence, though perhaps less generally known to the public—will be found here in endless variety and profusion. Here we have "repetition" Pianos — "patented" Pianos — Pianos of seven octaves in compass—Pianos adorned in richest carvings, built of costliest woods, and illustrative of all the wealth, ingenuity, and tastefulness of the age.

The collection embraces magnificent grands, semi-grands, cottages, obliques, piccolos, squares, &c, forming an epitome of all that has been ilon« in the manufacture of the Piano-forte throughout Europe. Here also we find the ingenious mechanical Pianos (Pianos-mecanique) which have lately been brought to such perfection by M. Debain.

These alone are worth a visit. Instead of the old barrel, the tune is pricked on small tablets of wood, and the mechanical apparatus is made to lit on the top of an ordinary Piano-forte, and may be detached at pleasure, leaving the instrument in its natural state for performance by the fingers.

We thus obtain portability, convenience, and cheapness, and its adaptability to ordinary instruments, without deranging their normal condition. Then again we have Debain's Harmoniums in endless variety, and his beautiful "Harmonicorde," about which the French are in ecstacies.

 This latter instrument is the result of years of study and experiment, and may be pronounced to be the most perfect of the whole tribe of keyed instruments, combining as it does the effects of both the Piano-forte and the Organ, and a perfect expression.

A visit to this admirable Gallery is one of the most intellectual and instructive treats that can well be conceived." The stranger's handbook to places worth seeing in London, 1862, p. 77-78



"CRAMER, BEALE & WOOD'S PIANOFORTE GALLERY, 207 and 209, Regent-Street, The largest in Europe.
CRAMER's PIANOFORTE GALLERY offers peculiar advantages for the choice of a first-rate Pianoforte. There is a profusion of every description, from the smallest Pianette to the largest and finest Grand, and by all the eminent Makers of England and the Continent. Nothing but the very best Instruments are selected from the Factories, all that are deficient in tone being carefully avoided. Purchasers from Cramer & Co. may rely on having placed in their hands whatever may be reasonably expected from a selection made with competent practical skill. Cash Purchasers will receive the usual discount. Every Instrument fully guaranteed. Cramer & Co. deliver their Pianofortes at any Railway Station in the Kingdom without risk to the Purchaser, and at a very trifling cost. - 207 and 209, REGENT-STREET.
CRAMER's ENGLISH PIANETTE, 22 Guineas. — CRAMER & CO. manufacture this capital small Instrument. It has all the requisites of the best Pianoforte-check action, solid touch, agreeable tone. The Case is of polished Ash or Pine. In practising on this Pianoforte the fingers of the player will be strengthened much more rapidly than on an old instrument, loose in the key and worn in the hammer. In Rosewood, 25 Guineas; in Walnut, 26 Guineas.
Purchasers are particularly requested to observe that this Instrument has not the common or single action, but the double or check action; and that Cramer & Co. are the only manufacturers of it in England.
CRAMER's VICARAGE PIANETTE, in dark Walnut, Mediaeval design, 26 Guineas. 207 and 209, REGENT-STREET.
CRAMER'S INDIAN PIANETTE, in solid Mahogany, for warm climates. The most portable Pianoforte yet made. The Packing Case forms a Dressing Table for an Officer's quarters. *: 35 ££ lete, 40 Guineas. an 9, -
CRAMER'S PORTABLE PIANOFORTE, the most compact and novel yet introduced. The keyboard shuts up, and the Instrument when closed presents the appearance of an elegant escritoire. Admirably adapted for ship's cabins. In Rosewood or Walnut, 45 Guineas; in solid Mahogany, with the aetion strengthened to resist the effects of a warm climate, 50 Guineas.
CRAMER'S NEW SEMI-GRAND, with Trichord Treble, as manufactured for them by Broadwood & Sons, and Collard & Collard, is the most remarkable Semi-Grand Pianoforte that has yet been introduced. Wonderful power and singular purity of tone. 105 Guineas in Rosewood; 115 in Walnut. [...]
These magnificent Instruments, manufactured by Messrs. S. & P. Erard, and selected by M. Thalberg for his London concerts, have been purchased by Cramer & Co., and are universally admitted to be the most exquisite Pianofortes ever finished by these distinguished manufacturers, combining, in an extraordinary degree, all their peculiar excellences. The tone has great volume, together with a charming vocal quality. The cases are of Walnut and Rosewood. Prices 220 and 240 Guineas. 207 and 209, REGENT-STREET.
PIANOFORTES. NEW, by Broadwood, Collard, or Erard, for SALE or HIRE. — At CRAMER'S PIANOFORTE GALLERY (the largest in Europe), 207 and 209, Regent-street.
, by Broadwood, Collard, or Erard — Full Grands, Boudoir Grands, Semi-Grands, and Cottages, in the greatest variety; many of them quite equal to new. Every Instrument warranted. — At CRAMER'S PIANOFORTE GALLERY (the largest in Europe), 207 and 209, Regent-street.
SECOND HAND PIANOFORTES.—A great number of Instruments by Broadwood, Collard, and Erard, nearly equal to new,
CRAMER'S PIANO MECANIQUE, Manufactured by the Inventor, M. Debain, of Paris, is an Instrument entitled to rank foremost among the triumphs achieved in the mechanical arts. Any one can play upon it. Price 55 Guineas. If with a keyboard, enabling it to be used by a pianist like an ordinary pianoforte, 90 Guineas. The Instrument is very strongly made, and warranted to stand any change of climate. 207 and 209, REGENT-STREET.
, as Manufactured by the Inventor of the Instrument, M. Debain, of Paris, received the Prize
Medal and the very highest commendation. Their superiority has been incontestably maintained. [...]
207 and 209, REGENT-STREET, LONDON. CRAMER'S  [...]"
The Athenæum: A Journal of Literature, Science, the Fine Arts ..., Volume 1, 1863, p. 819



"Cramer and Co., Limited, Let on Hire the following pianofortes for three years, AFTER WHICH, AND WITHOUT ANY FURTHER PAYMENT WHATEVER, THE INSTRUMENT BECOMES THE PROPERTY OF THE HIRES :
28 Guinea Pianette, in Rosewood or Walnut - £2 12s. 6d. per Quarter.
42 Guinea Drawing-room Model Cottage, in Rosewood or Walnut . . . . £3 18s. 9d. per Quarter.
60 Guinea Semi-oblique, Rosewood or Walnut, £5 5s. 0d. per Quarter.
OTHER INSTRUMENTS, SUCH AS GRANDS, SEMI-GBANDS, ETC., MAY ALSO BE HIRED ON THE SAME SYTEM. Every Instrument is warranted of the very best maufacture, interior Pinnofortes being entirely excluded from the stock. QUARTERLY PAYMENTS ARE REQUIRED.
The Illustrated London Almanack, Volume 5, 1866, p. 69



"THE THREE YEARS' SYSTEM of obtaining Pianofortes, originated by CRAMERS, and fully developed only by them, has now undergone an ordeal lasting over five years, and CRAMERS experience enables them to assert that by the numbers in all parts of the United Kingdom as well as in the colonies who have obtained Pianofortes from them on this system, its convenience and advantages have been fully appreciated.

From the first CRAMERs have furnished not only instruments of their own manufacture, but also the Pianofortes of all the other great makers, and they have for some time extended the system to Harmoniums, American Organs, and Organs for the Church or the Chamber.

CRAMERS would respectfully solicit all who are desirous of so obtaining an instrument, to apply direct to themselves, when they will find no difficulties either interposed or suggested to their acquirement of any class of instrument, from the smallest Pianette to the largest Grand. CRAMERS PIANOFORTE GALLERY (the largest in Europe) 207 and 209 Regent Street, London, W." The Spectator, 18/03/1871, p. 328



"CRAMER’S three years' System Of Hiring PIANOFORTES, whereby the Instrument becomes the property of the hirer at the end of three years, was originated by them, has been partially adopted by other Firms, but is thoroughly carried out on a large and liberal scale only by themselves.

ROSEWOOD OR ASH PIANETTE, £2 5s. per Quarter.
BLACK WALNUT PIANETTE, £2 12s. 6d. per Quarter.
ROSEWOOD OB WALNUT PIANETTE, £3 3s. per Quarter. (With Albert fall.)
MAHOGANY PIANETTE, specially prepared for extreme climates. £4 4s. per Quarter.
ROSEWOOD PIANETTE, with brackets, £3 18s. 9d. per Quarter.
WALNUT PIANETTE, with brackets, £4 4s. per Quarter.
ROSEWOOD COTTAGE PIANOFORTE, £3 18s. 9d. per Quarter.
THE MIGNON PIANOFORTE, Rosewood or Walnut, £3 18s. 9d. per Quarter.
THE MIGNON, Ditto, with handsome trusses, £4 4s. per Quarter.
ROSEWOOD COTTAGE PIANOFORTE, Trichord Treble, £4 14s. 6d. per
MAHOGANY COTTAGE PIANOFORTE, for extreme climates, Tpgciauy pre. pared, £5 5|. per Quarter, '
BOUDOIR OBLIQUE, £4 14s. 6d. per Quarter.
BOUDOIR OBLIQUE, handsome trusses, £5 5s. per Quarter.
FOLDING YACHT PIANO, £4 4s. per Quarter.
ROSEWOOD OR WALNUT SEMI-OBLIQUE PIANOFORTE, with handsome trusses, £6 6s. per Quarter.
UPRIGHT GRAND (ROSEWOOD), £6 16s. 6d. per Quarter.
UPRIGHT GRAND (WALNUT), £7 7s. per Quarter.
MIGNON GRAND (ROSEWOOD), £7 7s. per Quarter.
MIGNON GRAND (WALNUT), £8 8s. per Quarter.
SHORT GRAND (ROSEWOOD), £9 9s. per Quarter.
SHORT GRAND (WALNUT), £10 10s. per Quarter.
BOUDOIR GRAND (ROSEWOOD), £10 10s. per Quarter.
BOUDOIR GRAND (WALNUT), £13 2s. 6d. per Quarter.
COTTAGE PIANOFORTES by Broadwood, Collard, Erard, and Kirkman, from £5 5s. to £10 10s. per Quarter.
J. B. CRAMER & CO., 207 a 209, REGENT STREET; & 43, 44, 45, MOORGATE Street, E.O." Quarterly literary advertiser of 1873, p. 54

Cramers' Pianoforte Gallery (the lagest in Europe), Works of Thackeray, 1873, p. 87

"Cramers' Pianoforte Gallery (the lagest in Europe)
Pianettes. Rosewood or Walnut. 28 Guineas.
Pianettes. Rosewood or Walnut. 34 Guineas.
Pianettes. In solid Mahogany. 40 Guineas.
Pianettes. In Rosewood. 42 Guineas.
Cottage Piano-Fortes. In Rosewood. 42 Guineas.
Mignon Piano-Fortes. Rosewood or Walnut. 42 Guineas.
Cottage Piano-Fortes. Rosewood or Walnut. 46 Guineas.
Cottage Piano-Fortes. In Walnut. 46 Guineas.
Cottage Piano-Fortes. In Rosewood. 50 Guineas.
Cottage Piano-Fortes. In solid Mahogany. 50 Guineas.
Cottage Piano-Fortes. In Rosewood. 50 Guineas.
Boudoir oblique Piano-Fortes. In Rosewood. 50 Guineas.
Semi-oblique Piano-Fortes. Rosewood or Walnut. 55 Guineas.
Semi-oblique Piano-Fortes. Rosewood or Walnut. 60 Guineas.
Upright Grand Piano-Fortes. Cottage design. In Rosewood. 70 Guineas.
Short Grand Piano-Fortes. In Rosewood. 90 Guineas.
Boudoir Grand Piano-Fortes. In Rosewood. 110 Guineas.
All the above can be had on the three years' system. Catalogue on application. 207 & 209, Regent Street, London, W.

Cramer's Indian Grand Pianoforte, Price 90 guineas, Has been made as a substitute for the old square, formerly much used throughout the East. The size is nearly the same as the square, being only six feet long and four feet eight inches across the keys. The case is of solid Mahogany, with brass bound circular ends. The scale is the full seven octaves. The tone is large, the articulation rapid and easily susceptible of expressive performance. It has the trichord stringing on the new introduced metal frame, which possesses greater power of resistance than the usual metal plate.
The following extract from a letter, dated Oct. 27, 1870, from T.S. Hamilton, Esq., Magistrate Ahmednuggur Districts, Bombay, shows the excellence of these instruments : -
"I see many pianos out here with electro-plated strings * * * * * they are German make, and invariably lose their touch and power in one or two hot seasons. You will think highly of your piano when I tell you that it reached here in perfect tune, after being knocked about in a cart without springs for fifty miles, on a fearful road."

THE leading Instruments manufactured by Cramers are —
THE PIANETTE, From 23 to 34 Guineas; Certainly the most durable and serviceable Pianette made
THE MIGNON, 42 Guineas in Rosewood, 45 in Walnut; (Registered), in size between the Pianette and the Cottage^ Besides the Check Action, this Instrument has brass studs and steel bridge, giving great power and brilliancy to the tone.
THE BOUDOIR OBLIQUE, Price 50 Guineas, More convenient in size, more effective in tone, more agreeable in touch, and more elegant in appearance than any Pianoforte hitherto made, and of which the leading Musical Journal writes,—" The best fifty guinea Oblique Pianofortes ever produced."—Orchestra.
THE UPRIGHT GRAND, Price 70 Guineas.
Of this special pianoforte a writer in the St. James's Magazine of Feb., iS6g, in an able article on Pianos in general, remarks :—"The tone is certainly very fine, and those who have no room in their houses for Grand Pianos, would do well to try the new instrument."
Public Opinion of Feb. 20 says : —"A new construction, patented by Messrs. Cramer & Co., which produces a richness and amplitude of vibration strongly resembling the grand piano. Certainly, in its power of tone, capacity for producing delicate nuances of expression, and general precision, this instrument marks an important stage in the process of piano manufacture."
THE BOUDOIR GRAND, 6 feet long, 90 Guineas; J feet long, 130 Guineas.

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