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Museums & Collections


Blogs or sites of pianoforte restorers


   The British Art Piano and Piano Design - by G. S. Gadd - This lovely book provides a completely new position on the top of the pianoforte, with the emphasis on design, taste, and social history. It includes everything from the simplest Zumpe to the most exclusive pianofortes. There are many fascinating and historical anecdotes.



MIMO - musical Instruments Museums Online - The MIMO project is to be aimed at achieving a single access for digital documentation and information about musical instruments collections spread over several European museums.


Musée de la Musique -  Paris, museum of musical instruments.


Christopher Clarke - one of the most known restorers

Piano.History.Info - site of Bill Kibby with the history of the english pianoforte and also collector of an important collections english pianfortes.



MIM - museum of musical instruments, Brussels, Belgium




Il Piano Melodico - A site dedicated to the automatic pianos, of Giovanni Vitiello, Bologna, Italy



MIMO International



PeriodPianos - Kent, England - (Restorer of Beethoven's and Chopin's pianoforte, and seller of ERARD, BOISSELOT, PLEYEL, GAVEAU, Gabriel GAVEAU, and many other pianoforte marks ...)


     BOOK La restauration des pianos anciens des origines à 1850, Alain Moysan.



     AdLibitum - association around research and protection of the French patrimony of pianofortes, with a collection of French, Viennese fortepianos.



The Schubert Club Museum - with beautiful musical examples played on fortepiano's ....


   BLOG of Olivier Fadini - harpsichord builder and restorer, with many examples of PLEYEL's upright pianofortes, the favorite instruments of Chopin.

  The Keyboard Stringing Guide - by Jean LOUCHET



'Musée de Pianos' - in Limoux with many examples of French pianos for 1850.

Article : 'Jean-Jacques Trinques, facteur de pianos depuis six générations' and director of the above museum.



Musiques Vivantes  - Lyon, restorer and collector site with lots of info and photo examples BOISSELOT, AUCHER, ...

The Malou Haine site with information about its spending on the history of the manufacture of instruments in France and Belgium



Pianos Romantiques - all about PLEYEL, ERARD, BOISSELOT and some other pianofortes


Xavier Bontemps - restorer of Historical pianofortes in Bordeaux, France.


     BOOK - "Walking his two young children to school every morning, Thad Carhart passes an unassuming little storefront in his Paris neighbourhood. Intrigued by its simple sign—Desforges Pianos—he enters, only to have his way barred by the shop’s imperious owner. ..." The piano shop on the Left Bank:  Thaddeus Carhart, 2002


Hammerfluegel.info - site with alphabetical list piano brands and large photo archive


IRPMF - site with collected works of famous musicologists.


Pianos Esther Liège - Pianoforte dealer in Liège, Belgium, but also a collector of old documents about pianoforte marks and on the history of pianofortes.



CNUM - Numérique Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers (exhibitions in the 19th century in Paris)




BALAT - Belgian Art links and Tools, image database in which to find pianos in Belgian museums.



Pianos Balleron - restores in Paris and here their blog






Carmentis - site with the whole collection of instruments in the Musical Instrument Museum in Brussels, including the reserves.



Blog of an Italian restorer : 'Romantic Pianos'

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