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"W. PINNOCK has the honour of announcing to the Nobility and Gentry, that he has constantly on Sale a Choice and Elegant Assortment of SUPERIOR-TONED PIANO FORTES, which, for brilliancy and sweetness of tone, delicacy of touch, the valuable quality of keeping in tune, and durability, are unrivalled.

That the Public may be assured of the correctness of W. P.'s pretensions to superiority in this respect, he beffs to observe, that it is his invariable practice to offer no Instrument for sale that he cannot safely warrant for the qualities above described, iu pronf of which, he undertaken to exchange any Piano-Forte which may be purchased of him, if not approved, within three months after the delivery, from any part of the kingdom.

N. B. Piano-Fortes tuned and repaired, Secondhand Piano.Fortes, by the most eminent Makers, constantly on tale, or taken in exchange for others from any part of the country.

A good toned second-hand horizontal graud, to be sold for Twenty Guineas, and a square Piano, by Uroadwond, for Eight Guineas. — Music and Musical Instruments of all kinds procured to order, and Music Teachers of eminence recommended. All orders from the country punctually attended to 267, St. Clement's Church Yard, Strand, London." The Literary Chronicle and Weekly review, for 1821, p. 416



Square Piano-Fortes.

Neat Square Piano-forte ... 32 Guineas.
Ditto, with circular corners ... 34 Guineas.
Ornamented Square Piano-forte, gilt mouldings 36 Superior Ornamented Ditto ... 40 Guineas.
Elegant Square Piano.forte, inlaid with brass and rose-wood, with drawers ... 45 Guineas.
Very Elegant Square Piano-forte, with circular comers back and front, inlaid with ebony or brass ornaments ... 50 Guineas.
N.B.—Drawers added to the plain Pianos at 3 guineas extra; to the ornamental Pianos at 4 guineas.

Cabinet Piano-Fortes.

Plain Cabinet Instrument, square front ... 50 Guineas.
Ditto, with superior action ... 55 Guineas.
Ditto, six octaves ... 60 Guineas.
Very Neat Cabinet, with cylindrical front 6s Elegant Cabinet Ditto, inlaid with ebony or brass 80 Guineas.
Two of the last-mentioned Pianos hare recently been purchased by his Majesty.
Very Elegant Cabinet in rosc-wood, richly inlaid ... 100 Guineas.

Harmonic, or Cottage Piano-Fortes.

Plain Harmonic, with square fronts ... 45 Guineas.
Very Neat Harmonic, with cylindrical front ... 55 Guineas.
Elegant Harmonic, with square front, and patent spiral springs ... 60 Guineas.
Ditto, in rose-wood case, richly inlaid ... 75 Guineas.
Very Elegant Harmonic, in rose-wood case, richly inlaid, circular plinth, and lyre supporters ... 100 Guineas.

Grand Piano-Fortes.

Prices — from 90 to 180 guineas, according to the style of ornament.
N.B. — W. Pinnock begs to observe that it is his invariable practice to offer no instrument for sale which he cannot safely warrant, in proof of which he undertakes to exchange any Piano-Forte which may be purchased of him, if not approved, within three months after delivery, from any part of the kingdom, if returned free of expense.


Second-hand Piano-fortes, by the most eminent makers, constantly on sale, or taken in exchange for others.
Orders from the Country punctually attended to.
Any Lady or Gentleman (residing in or vnr Town,) wishing to exchange their Instrument for a new one, will be waited upon at their request.
Music and Musical Instruments of all kinds orocured to Order.

THE PROFESSION SUPPLIED ON LIBERAL TERMS. All Piano-Fortes manufactured by W. P. are Warranted.

— ld Instruments taken in Exchange. [...]" A Catechism of Music: In which the First Principles of that Accomplished ..., 1822, p. 70-71

"PINNOCKS New-Improved Piano-Fortes - Upon the 'Diaphonic Principle' (Diaphonics is the science of refracted sounds passing through different mediums, and Is so called from two Greek words, dia, through, Euphonon, to sound.)

HAVING OBTAINED HIS MAJESTY'S ROYAL LETTERS PATENT, The Public are respectfully informed, that they are Manufactured and Sold (ONLY) by the Proprietor, W. PINNOCK, (No. 267, St. Clement's Church.Yard, Strand, London.)

By the application of this New Invention, the most decided improvements in the power and quality of Piano-Fortes have been effected; and, from the flattering marks of approbation which it has received, from the most eminent professors, the Proprietor feels a conviction, that where his "New-improved Piano-fortes" are once introduced, their general adoption will follow, as they need only to be seen and heard to be approved W. Pinnock begs leave to quote the following observations from the highly scientific work, The Somerset House Gazette :

"Among the recent improvements of the Piano-Forte, is that for which Mr. Pinnock has obtained a patent. This new invention augments the sound to a wonderful extent, so that by its application the smalt Cabinet Piano-Forte derives a volume and intensity of tone surpassing the largest instruments, by a scale that cannot fail to surprise.

"We have witnessed the improvement several times, and earnestly recommend the amateurs of this delightful instrument to make a visit to the manufactory of Mr. Pinnock, and to judge for themselves. We had heard much of the powerful tones obtained by this invention; but, on witnessing its application, our expectations were exceeded, to an uncommon degree.

Pinnock's Patent Grand Euphonon

is also submitted to the Musical World as an Instrument every way entitled to their nbtide arid patronage. It produces the most melodious sounds, and is remarkable for its sweetness, power, and continuity of tone, while the bold swell of the Organ, the full vibration of the Harp, the dulcet strains of the Hautboy and Flageolet, and the sweet and expressive tones of the Violin, are happily united.

The touch is peculiarly right, the articulation distinct, and the player has the means of increasing or diminishing the tone at pleasure; in short, for Music requiring a delicacy of expression-, taste, judgment, and feeling, the EUPHONON has not its equal.

With qualities so desirable, it may possibly be imagined; that some difficulty attests its performance: on the contrary, although the PATENT-GRAND EUPHONON is particularly calculated - to exhibit the superiority of a finished performer, it may be played on by the most inexperienced learner of the Piano-Forte, who will insensibly, as it were, be taught to distinguish, with the greatest precision, the various- expressions and passions which music is intended to convey.

"This is an instrument of a most exquisite tone, is sweet and harmonious, and has the peculiar property of continuity of sound. It is a delightful instrument for the performance of sacred music, and would serve all the purposes of an organ, for a private chapel. The Euphonon is capable of the utmost delicacy of expression, taste, judgment, and feeling, and may be esteemed one of the  most delectable instruments that has yet been submitted to the musical world." — Vide Literary Museum, No. 52.

The prices of the Patent Grand Euphonon correspond with the prices of the Cabinet Piano-Forte; being from 50 to 150 Guineas, according to the style in which they are manufactured." A Catechism of Music: In which the First Principles of that Accomplished ..., 1822, p. 73-74


TO THE PUBLIC. THE extraordinary improvements that have of late years taken place in the construction of Piano-fortes, aided by the increased taste for the accomplished aim fashionable science of Music anion;' polite classes, have caused this favourite instrument to become indispensably necessary in all respectable families.

In the Piano-Fortes which W. Pinnock has the honour of submitting to the notice of the Public, he trusts are combined the various qualities of power, brilliancy, sweetness, and uniformity of tone, so requisite to make a perfect Instrument. He is therefore enabled confidently to warrant every Instrument perfectly sound, well-seasoned, and of the very best materials and superior workmanship; thus uniting a superiority of quality with durability uud excellence.



These Instruments are variously fitted up, in Mahogany, Rose-wood, &c.; and may he relied on for sweetness, richness, and uniformity of lone, and for standing well in tune.

Plain Square Piano-Forte, with six reeded lege & damper pedal 32 Guineas.
Ditto, with circular corners, with reeded legs ... 34 Guineas.
Ornamented Square Piano-Forte, with rose-wood banding, gilt mouldings, and reeded legs ... 56 Guineas.
Ornamented, with circular comers, and inlaid rose-wood front 40 Elegant Square Piano-Forte, with circular corners, inlaid with brass, rose-wood banding, and with drawers ... 45 Guineas.
Very elegant Square Piano-Forte, wilh circular corners back and front, inlaid with ebony or brass ornaments ... 50 Guineas.
N.D. Second-hand SQUABE PIANO-FORTES Ironi X5 to MO, alia several, equal to new, at 2S guineas each.


Improved and Superior-toned Piano-Fortes

The Cabinet PianoFortes are extremely handsome and convenient Instruments, possessing a full, rich, arid brilliant tone, and peculiarly well adapted for families who occasionally hare select Musical Parties. As an elegant piece of furniture suited to the Parlour, or forming an appropriate appendage to the Drawiugroom, the Cabinet PianoForte is unrivalled. To be had in mahogany or rosewood, plain or ornamented, in the most tasteful manner.

Plain Cabinet Instrument, with square front ... 50 Guineas.
Ditto, with superior action ... 55 Guineas.
Ditto, with extra additional keys, or six octaves ... 60 Guineas.
Very neat Cabinet, with cylindrical front ... 65 Guineas.
Elegant Cabinets, with cylindrical front, inlaid with ebony or brass, and with extra additional kcv», from ... 70 to 80 Guineas.
Very elegant Cabinets, in rose-wood, cylindrical frottti richly inlaid with brass-work, &C-, from ... 80 to 130 Guineas.
N.B. Other Cabinet Instruments variously fitted up, in mahogany or rose-wood cases, at prices proportioned to the style of ornament. These instruments are usually from five feet six inches to six feet six inches and a half high; from three feet and a half to four feet wide; and project from the wall, from one foot and a half to one foot eleven inches.

N.B. Second-hand CABINET PIANO-FORTES from 23 to 40 guineas.



Prices — from 90 to 200 guineas, according to the style of ornament. Secondhand ditto, from 15 to 50 guineas, by the most eminent Makers, constantly on sale, or taken in exchange for others.


Sold by W. Pinnock, 267, Strand, London,

The mechanism of the HARMONIC, or COTTAGE PIANO-FORTE, is chaste, light, and elegant, and of a size suited to the smallest apartments.
Plain Harmonic, with square front ... 45 Guineas.
Very neat Harmonic, with cylindrical front ... 50 Guineas.
Elegant Harmonic, with square front ... 60 Guineas.
The same pattern, in rose-wood, richly inlaid ... 75 Guineas.
Very elegant Harmonic, in rosewood case, richly inlaid with brass-work, cylindrical front, &c. from ... 80 to 100 Guineas.

N. B. The Harmonic, or Cottage Piano-Forte, is about four feet one inch high, three feet eight Inches in width, and projects about one foot ten inches from the wall.

Orders from the Country attended to with the greatest punctuality ; and W. P. begs to assure Ladies and Gentlemen residing at a distance from London, that whenever he is favoured by orders, per letter, it is no less his practice than his interest to send such an Instrument as shall bear the strictest scrutiny; it being his custom, in all rases, to exchange any Instrument that is not approved of by the purchaser.

N.B. The Profession supplied on liberal Terms. The full value given for Second-hand Instruments.

Any lady or Gentleman (residing in or near town), wishing to exchange their Instrument for a new one, will be waited upon at their request.


TERMS. — Square Piano-fortes, 3s. 6d. — Cabinet and Cottage Pianos, 5s. — Grand Pianos, 6s. 6d. N.B. Piano-fortes tuned by the year, on the most reasonable terms.

PIANO FORTES LENT on HIRE upon the FOLLOWING TERMS: Square Instruments, from 15s. to 20s. per month. Cabinet and Grand Pianos, from 25s. to 40s.

N.B. Carriage to and from, and if tuned whilst on hire, to be charged.

The hire of any Instrument, if purchased and paid for within three months, will be deducted.

Sold by W. Pinnock, 267, Strand, London.


W. P1NNOCK respectfully begs to inform the Public, that he is now the Proprietor and sole Manufacturer of the , A "ROYAL PATENT HAND-MOULDS," invented by P. Hawker, to facilitate Playing on the PIANO-FORTE, &c.

THE ROYAL PATENT HAND-MOULDS preserve a correct position of the Hands, greatly increase the strength of the Fingers, and give extraordinary facility in Playing on the PIANO-FORTE, andother keyed Instruments. They are allowed to supersede all other mechanical intentions intended for the same purpose, ami have met witn the decided approbation of the most eminent Musical Professors of the A&e, among whom the Proprietor has the satisfaction of mentioning the names of CLEMENTI, CHAMEK, MOSCHELLES, BERTINI, &c. 4c.

Carved Hand-moulds and Apparatus (including the Instruction Book), in mahogany case, complete, price £3. 3s. — Ur ornamented with Leather, Velvet, &c. (without the Apparatus), of any colour or pattern (at extra charges), made to the choice of the Purchaser.

N.B. An additional pair of Hand-Moulds (without the Apparatus), made expressly for playing open passages legato, may be had il* required, price £1. bs.

TO PROFESSORS and AMATEURS. Any suggestion for the Improvement of Piano-Fortes, scientific or mechanical, will meet with attentive consideration." The history and topography of Cumberland: with biographical sketches, &c, William Pinnock, 1822, p. 76-80


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