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Fabricantes de pianos en España

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Marca Firma Informacíon Direcciones
IBAÑEZ Sebastian


"Independencia (Portales). Almacén de pianos — música é instrumentos; órganos espresivos. — Alquiler de pianos. D. Sebastian Ibañez, afinador." Anuario general del comercio, de la industria y de las profesiones de la ..., 1863, p. 888


'Alquiler de pianos' ca. 1863-1912

IBAÑEZ Eloy (x1912), 'Drehpiano-Verleiher'


calle Idependencia (*1863), 51, calle Espoz (x1912), calle Mina (x1912), Zaragoza


IBISATE Roman Fabricante y/ó distribuidor de pianos ca. 1912

'Piano-Händler u. Verleiher' (x1912)

10, Colon de Larreategui (x1912), Bilbao
ICART Antonio  

'Fabricante de pianos mecánicos' ca. 1890-1912 [desde 1875 (x1906)(x1912)]

'Drehpiano-Macher u. Instrumenten-Händler' (xx1890)(x1906)

Viuda de Antonio ICART (x1912), 'Drehpiano-Macher u. Musikinstr.-Händler'



23, calle de San Augustin (xx1890)(x1906)(x1912), Tarragona


ICART Jaime Fabricante y/ó distribuidor de pianos ca. 1912

'Piano-Stimmer u. -Reparateur' (x1912)


16, Durán y Bas (x1912), Barcelona


IGNACIO Mariano Fabricante y/ó distribuidor de pianos ca. 1890

'Pianohandlung' (xx1890)


11, Moratin (xx1890), Valencia


INCHAURBE & Hijos Fabricante y/ó distribuidor de pianos ca. 1912

'Orgelbauer, Piano-Händler u. -Reparateur' (x1912)


110, calle Coso (x1912), Zaragoza



Fabricante y/ó distribuidor de pianos ca. 1912 [desde 1875 (x1912)]

Propietario : Jean INURRIETA (x1912)

'Piano-, Harmonium, Sprechm. u. -Platten-Handlung' (x1912)



5, calle Guetaria (x1912), 22, calle San Marcial (x1912), San Sebastian


IRADIER Sebastián

(1809 - 1865)


"IRADIER, D. Sebastian : gran almacen de pianos ingleses y franceses de las mejores fábricas, como son Peyel [sic], Erard, Collard, etc. : tiene un surtido de música italiana muy selecta, y en particular canciones y aires espanoles." Repertorio general : Índice alfabético de los principales vecinos de Madrid, 1852, p. 62

"Príncipe, 16, fáb. de pianos y alm. de música con especialidad en canciones espanolas. Don sebastian Iradier, profesor y compositor." Anuario general del comercio, de la industria y de las profesiones, de la ..., 1861, p. 164



'Almacén de pianos', profesor y compositor de música ca. 1852-61; (*1852)

También conocido como 'Sebastián Yradier', fue un compositor español. En 1850 viaja a París, y con el apoyo de Pauline Viardot consigue introducirse en los círculos musicales parisinos. (¹)

Sucesor de SALABERRI ?


16, calle Principe (*1859)(**1861), Madrid



(1850 - 1928)



"Far different in appearance from the average music shop in the United States is the store of Paul Izabal, Æolian Co. representative at Barcelona, Spain. The beautiful and elaborately decorated exterior of the store, with its characteristic Spanish architecture, is shown in the center of the above group.
On the left is shown a corner of the piano showroom, which is flooded with light from the ceiling-high windows. A picture of Mr. Izabal's private office, artistic and even luxurious in equipment and appointments, yet modern and business like, is shown at the right.
To the American accustomed to the plainess and strictly utilarian aspect of most places of business in this country, the Izabal store would look more like the exterior of a studio or art museum than an up-to-date music store. If he visited the store and talked with Alejandro Izabal, son of the founder, he would soon realize that the Izabal establishment is conducted on most modern lines and that the sales methods are new and unusual.
The warerooms are beautifully arranged and carry a large stock of goods, including the Æolian line. The Æolian business is handled directly by the Paris house of the Æolian Co., 32 Avenue de l'Opera.
Æolian Co. executives in New York learned much of interest concerning the Izabal store during a recent visit of the younger Mr. Azabal to the United States. Mr. Izabal made his headquarters at Æolian Hall while in New York. He impressed Miss Lucy A. Goldsmith, manager of the export department and other Æolian executives, as one of the most progressive and up-to-date young foreign business men who have visited the piano trade in this country in recent years. Æolian Co. officers were much pleased at the esprit de corps shown by Mr. Izabal and his enthusiasm as an Æolian representative.
Mr. Izabal sailed for Spain on the steamer Montevideo, after three weeks in the United States. He visited the Middle West during his stay." Music Trades, Volume 58, 1919, p. 4



'Fabricante de pianos' ca. 1890-1929

IZABAL Paul (xx1890)(*1910)(x1912), mira también a IZABAL Víctor (°1860)

'Pianofabrik' (xx1890)(x1906)(x1912)

Hijo de Paul IZABAL (1927)

20, calle Tallers (xx1890)(x1906)(*1907)(x1912), Sucursal : 5, Buen Suceso (1919)(1927)(*1929), Barcelona
IZABAL Víctor  

Este factor ha abierto un taller cuya fundación se documenta.
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'Fabricante de pianos'  (°1860)

también : IZABAL Louis

IZQUIERDO Federico Fabricante y/ó distribuidor de pianos ca. 1890

'Pianohandlung' (xx1890)

calle San Miguel baja (xx1890), Granada


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(¹): es.wikipedia.org/wiki 

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