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Pianoforte-makers in Scotland

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Brand Image Info Addresses
WALACE Hugh 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1927-37 278, Parliamentary Road (*1927)(*1929)(*1933)(*1936)(*1937), Glasgow
WALKER Joseph   'Turner and Maker of Musical Instruments' ca. 1800  Alison's Square (*1800), Edinburgh

(1764 - 1833)(3)


John Watlen (1764–1833): Music Seller and Musical Instrument Manufacturer: A Timeline

John Watlen in the Dictionary of Composers for the Church in Great Britain and Ireland, Humphreys, Robert Evans


'Music Warehouse' (*1794), composer, music seller and tuner and publisher

'Music Master' (*1799)

"Watlen, John, Komponist und Musikverleger um 1788 in Edinburgh, verlegte 1800 das Geschaft nach London (Kidson 200)." Monatshefte für Musikgeschichte, 1962, p. 235


... a John WATLIN [WATLEN] in London, it seems to be the same person.


[34], North Bridge (*1794)(*1797-98), Hermitage, Abbey Hill (*1799), Edinburgh
WATSON Alexander    

Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1868


231, Union Street (*1868), Aberdeen
WATSON Archibald    

'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1792-1818

WATSON Archibald (*1806)'Late-Pianoforte-maker' (*1818)(*1819)(*1821)(*1822)



House : potter Row (*1806)(*1807), 9, Morray Street (*1818)(*1819), Carruber's Close (*1820)(*1821)(*1822), Edinburgh


WATSON John    

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1792-1807

WATSON John & Archibald (*1792), 'Music. Instrument Makers'

WATSON Jo. (*1813)


5, South Bridge (*1792)(*1794), House :  [24], Carrubber's Close (*1800)(*1807)(*1813), Edinburgh
WATSON John & Archibald  

Square piaoforte ca. ??, Roy Campbell collection, Vancouver, Brtitish Columbia, Canada


'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1792-1807  

St. Ann Street (*1792), [7], Terrace Leith Street (*1794)(*1797-98), 5, [South] Bridge West Side (*1799)(*1800), 20, South Bridge (*1805)(*1806)(*1807), Edinburgh


WATT Andrew & Sons  

'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1927-29

(Incorporation R. SMITH & Co)

WATT ANDREW & Sons (*1927)

WATT Andrew & Son (*1929)


13, Portland Street (*1927)(*1929), Glasgow
WELCH Charles 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1848-57 St. George's Road (**1848), 46, Shamrock Street (*1854-55)(**1856)(*1857), Glasgow
WELLBY Charles Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1892-1910  

6, Park Place (***1892)(***1893)(***1894)(***1895)(***1896)(***1897)(***1898)(***1899)(***1900)(***1901)(***1902)(*1903)(*1906)(*1910), Edinburgh


WELLBY H. & Sons Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1892-1902  

59, North-West Thistle Street Lane (***1892)(***1893)(***1894)(***1895)(***1896), 16, Sciennes (***1897)(***1898)(***1899)(***1900)(***1901)(***1902), Edinburgh


WHEELER & FINDLEY 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1936-37

See also FINDLEY in Glasgow

237 1/2, Duke Street (*1936)(*1937), Glasgow
WHITELAW G. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1903-10 496, St. George's Road (*1903)(*1906)(*1909)(*1910), Glasgow

Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1860-1910

WIGHTMAN John (**1861), 'Pianoforte dealer and Music warehouse'

WIGHTMAN John & Son (**1877)(x1878)(***1878)(x1878)(**1884)(**1885)(**1886)(**1887)(**1888)(**1889)(***1892)(*1893)(***1893)(***1894)(*1895)(***1895)(***1896)(*1897)(***1897)(***1898)(***1899)(***1900)(***1901)(***1902)(*1903)(*1906)(*1910)


46, North Frederick Street (**1861), 14(a), George Street (**1877)(***1878)(**1884), 32, Warriston Crescent (x1878), 13, Castle Street (**1885)(**1886)(**1887)(**1888)(**1889)(**1890)(***1892)(*1893)(***1893)(***1894)(*1895)(***1896)(*1897)(***1897)(***1898)(***1899)(*1903)(*1906)(*1910), 113, George Street (***1900)(***1901)(***1902), Edinburgh
WILSON A.   'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1839 35, New Street (**1839), Edinburgh
WILSON John   'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1837 45, King Street (*1837), Dundee
WILSON John   'Musical Instrument maker' and Dentist's machine ca. 1857 226, Main Street, Gorbals (*1857), Glasgow
WILSON & Son   Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1878-1906  

39, George IV Bridge (x1878)(**1884)(**1885)(**1886)(**1887)(**1888)(**1889)(***1892)(*1893)(***1894)(*1895)(*1897)(*1903)(*1906), 18, Nicolson Street (**1890)(**1893)(***1895)(***1896)(***1897)(***1898)(***1899)(***1900)(***1901)(***1902), Edinburgh


WOLFSON S. & Sons Ltd. 'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1923-27

(Incorporation R. SMITH & Co)(*1927)


15-19, Candleriggs (*1923), Central factory and show rooms : 30-34, Stockwell Street (*1923),  Central factory and show rooms : 32-34, Stockwell Street (*1927), 29-39, Surrey Street (*1929),  Glasgow


WOOD Alexander  

'Music Instrument Maker' ca. 1818-29

WOOD, SMALL & Co, see below



Deanbank, Sockbridge (**1823), Edinburgh


WOOD Andrew  

'Music Instrument Maker' ca. 1804-16

"Deaths. [...] At Rio de Janeiro, Mr James Wood, son of Mr Andrew Wood, musical instrument maker, Edinburgh." The Edinburgh Annual Register, 1815, p. 47



8, Leith Street (*1804)(*1807)(*1808), 14, Leith Street (*1811), Rose Bank (*1812), 7, Caltonhill (*1813), 17, Caltonhill (*1814)(*1815)(*1816), Edinburgh



'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1815

WOOD, BRUCE & Co (ca. 1815), see also BRUCE




Image of a pianoforte in an advertisement, County directory of Scotland for 1882, p. 995 (digital.nls.uk)


"WOOD & CO.'S - Pianoforte, harmonium, and Music Saloons, 49 GEORGE STREET, EDINBURGH. - New pianofortes of the highest class, at WOOD & Co.'s Pianoforte Rooms, 49 George Street, Edinburgh, will be found a most numerous, most varied, and most valuable Stock of PIANOFORTES.
They are all by Manufacturers whose well-established reputations are a sufficient guarantee of excellence. The care with which they have been selected, warrants the utmost confidence being placed in their possessing those niceties of construction now so much desired by all accomplished Pianists.
NEW PIANOFORTES, AT MODERATE PRICES. A Large Selection of NEW COTTAGE PIANOFORTES, by Manufacturers of esteemed reputation, but whose Prices are very considerably less than those charged by the older houses, may now be seen at
THE Greatest Number and Variety of SECOND-HAND PIANOFORTES that have ever been offered for Sale in Scotland, are now at
"WOOD & CO.'S, 49 GEORGE STREET, EDINBURGH, Agents for CRAMER & Co., Regent Street, London.
(see next->)

Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1852-1910

 Successors to WOOD, SMALL &. Co., see below.


PIANOFORTE TUNING, REGULATING, &C. WOOD & Co.'s Tuners visit regularly every district in Fifeshire and Kinrossshire. Orders sent to Wood & Co., George Street, Edinburgh, or the following Agents, will receive attention : —[...]" THE SCOTTISH PROVIDENT INSTITUTION, 6 ST ANDREW SQUARE, EDINBURGH, 1866, p. 187

"WOOD & CO., Royal Pianoforte and Music Saloons (Opposite the Music Hall), 49 GEORGE STREET, EDINBURGH. PIANOFORTES, HARMONIUMS, AMERICAN ORGANS, BY THE MOST CELEBRATED MAKERS, On Sale or Hire. INSTRUMENTS SLIGHTLY USED AT VERY MODERATE PRICES. BEST CONDITIONS of SCOTCH MUSIC, VOCAL and INSTRUMENTAL, As Supplied to Her Majesty the Queen." County directory of Scotland for 1882, p. 995 (digital.nls.uk)

18, Waterloo Place (**1861), 49, George Street (**1861)(**1866)(x1878)(x1882)(**1884)(**1885)(**1886)(**1887)(**1888)(**1889)((**1890)(***1892)(*1893)(***1893)(***1894)(*1895)(***1895)(***1896)(*1897)(***1897)(***1898)(***1899)(***1900)(***1901)(***1902)(*1903)(*1906)(*1910), Edinburgh



Image of a pianoforte in an advertisement, Black's Morayshire directory, including the upper district of Banffshire, 1863, p. 11 (digital.nls.uk)

"PIANO FORTE AND MUSIC SALOON, 189, UNION STREET. WOOD & CO. have the honour to announce to the inhabitants of Aberdeen, and the surrounding districts, that they have Opened these extensive Premises, for the Sale and Hire of PIANO-FORTES, MUSIC, and all the other Miscellaneous Articles connected with the Business. WOOD & CO. may be permitted to observe that the Stock of PIANO-FORTES now in their Saloon is very much more varied and extensive than any that has hitherto been exhibited in Aberdeen, and consists of nearly all the different descriptions manufactured by the well-known and highly-esteemed firms of Messrs. John Broadwood & Sous, and Collard & Collard. In the lower-priced Instruments made by those London Manufacturers who have yet to attain to the eminence of the larger houses, Wood & Co. can also show a very numerous and well-chosen assortment, selected with great care from the various Establishments. Of late years, the prices of PIANO-FORTES generally have undergone a very considerable reduction ; so much so, that a good as well as an elegant upright Instrument, such as can be warranted to stand well in Tune, and prove satisfactory, can now be purchased between £20 and £30. It is hardly necessary for Wood & Co. to observe that the Tone of these is less mellifluous than that of the others of the best manufacture ; but, nevertheless, they are such as could not, ten years since, have been bought for less than double the amount at which they can now be sold. All Instruments purchased from Wood & Co. are warranted ; and if not ap proved of, can be exchanged at any time within six months from the date of purchase, if returned to them in good order, and carriage free. SECOND-HAND PIANO-FORTES. Of these Wood & Co., from their large Hiring business, can generally command a good supply at moderate prices. PIANO-FORTES FOR HIRE. From the very extensive Stock which Wood & Co. always keep in their Establishments in Edinburgh and Glasgow, as well as in Aberdeen, they are prepared to Hire all kinds of PIANO-FORTES at the usual rate, by the night, week, month, or year. Those contracting with Wood & Co. for the constant supply of a superior Instrument will be treated with liberally will be treated with liberally Piano-Fortes and Organs Tuned and Repaired in Town and Country, by the most experienced hands. PIANO-FORTES REMOVED IN A PROPERLY-EQUIPPED VAN. NEW MUSIC FROM LONDON WEEKLY. Any Song or Piece that Wood & Co. may not happen to have on hand, will be procured by return of Post, without extra charge." Post-Office Directory Aberdeen, 1851, p. 256 (digital.nls.uk) or Post Office Directory, 1851, p. 256 (archive.org)



Pianoforte-makers and/or pianoforte dealers ca. 1851-63

Succeeded by LAKIN Francis H. (*1868)


"189 Union Street, 189 - WOOD & CO., LONDON PIANO-FORTE AND MUSIC SALOON. A Large and well-selected Stock of PIANO-FORTES, consisting of Grand, Bichord, Serai-grand, Grand and Improved Square, and Cottage Piano-fortes, by Broadwood & Sons ; Collard & Collard ; and an extensive assortment of Cottage and Piccolo Piano-fortes, by other London Makers. Piano-fortes, on Hire, Sent out either in Town or Country, by the Week, Month, or Year, at Moderate Rates. PIANO-FORTE TUNING, REGULATING AND REPAIRING. New Music from London Weekly." Post-Office Directory Aberdeen, 1852, p. 297 (digital.nls.uk)

"211 AND 213, UNION STREET, ABERDEEN. WOOD & CO. beg to announce that they show in their large and commodious Saloons, nearly double the extent of any other Establishment of a similar kind carrying on business in town— the greatest choice of every class of PIANOFORTES, manufactured by Broad wood, Collard, Erard, and other eminent Makers, as well as by those whose reputation, although as yet unknown to the public, is recognised by the Trade, and who manufacture good substantial Pianofortes at prices considerably below those of the great Houses. In purchasing from Wood & Co. the Public may rely on the quality of the Instruments being stated without reserve. Pianofortes of the very inferior class are carefully excluded from finding admission into their Stock. CRAMER, DEALE, AND WOOD'S NEW MODEL COTTAGE PIANOFORTE, PRICE THIRTY-TWO GUINEAS. These Instruments, elegant in design, are carefully constructed with choice and well-seasoned material, by the most skilful workmen in the trade. CRAMER & Co.'s PARIS PIANETTE, a superior Pianoforte with check action, especially adapted for small rooms. Price Twenty-five Guineas. SECOND-HAND PIANOFORTES. WOOD & Co., from their large hiring connection, can usually supply Grands. Semi-Grands, Cottages, or Squares, by all the best makers, at prices lower than is frequently given for Instruments almost worthless. The Prices of the Second-hand Instruments vary from Ten to One Hundred Guineas. HARMONIUMS OF ALL KINDS BY DEBAIN AND ALEXANDRE & SON. Wood & Co.'s TUNER goes regularly through the whole of the Northern Counties. New music Half-price for ready money." Black's Morayshire directory, including the upper district of Banffshire, 1863, p. 11 (digital.nls.uk)


189, Union Street (*1851), 187/189, Union Street (*1852), [211] + 213, Union Street (*1853)(*1854)(*1855)(*1858)(*1859)(*1860)(*1861)(*1862)(x1863),  Aberdeen

12, Waterloo Place (**1836)(*1861), Edinburgh

WOOD James



A History of Wood & Co, Marr & co and Logan & co, pianoforte makers, Music sellers and publishers, Scotland, 1790-1925, by Geoff Hore


'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1877-78

WOOD James & Co (*1878)


216, Union Street (*1877), 216 A, Union Street (*1878), Aberdeen
WOOD John, MUIR James & Co

Square pianoforte ca. 1808, The Monart Collection, Wexford, Ireland, U.K.


'Pianoforte-makers' ca. 1808-1909

John MUIR, WOOD & Co (*1861)(**1863), see also  MUIR & WOOD in Edinburgh



29, St. George's Road (*1861), 49, St. George's Street (*1861),  42, Buchanan Street (*1861)(**1863)(*1866)(***1879)(*1893)(*1895)(*1897)(*1903)(*1906)(*1909), Glasgow

18, Waterloo Place (*1861), Edinburgh (see below)

[213], Union Street (*1861), Aberdeen (see above)




Square pianoforte n° 2201 ca. 1818-19, sold by Sotheby's, Present owners unknown
Square pianoforte n° 1126 ca. 1819, Private collection, U.K.
Square pianoforte n° 2523 ca. 1822, Reid Concert Hall, University Collection, Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K.
Square pianoforte n° 2565 ca. 1823, Private collection, U.K
Square pianoforte n° 2685 ca. 1823, Private collection, U.K.
Cabinet upright pianoforte ca. 1822, Ringve musum, Trondheim, Norway




'Musical Instrument makers to his Majesty' ca. 1818-61

WOOD, SMALL & Co ca. 1818-29; (**1823)(x1825), see also SMALL in Edinburgh

WOOD & Co (***1832)(***1833)(***1834)(**1836)


A History of Wood & Co, Marr & co and Logan & co, pianoforte makers, Music sellers and publishers, Scotland, 1790-1925, by Geoff Hore

12, Waterloo Place (**1823)(***1832)(x1825)(***1833)(***1834)(**1836), Edinburgh
WOOD Robert 'Pianoforte-maker' ca. 1823-37  

3, East Arthur Place (**1823)(**1824), 2, Salisbury Square (**1830), 45, Princes Street and 26, Macdowell Street (*1837), Edinburgh


WRIGHT Thomas W. Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1887-1902  

142, Ferry Road (**1887)(**1888)(**1889)(**1890)(***1892)(***1893)(***1894)(***1895)(***1896)(***1897)(***1898)(***1899)(***1900)(***1901)(***1902), Edinburgh


WROZINA Ignatius Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte deales ca. 1895-96 16, Union Place (***1895)(***1896), Edinburgh
WYLIE John  

Patent of 1857 : "I, John WYLIE, of Edinburgh, in the County of Mid Lothian, North Britain, Pianoforte Tuner, do hereby declare the nature of the said Invention 5 for “IMPROVEMENTS IN PIANOFORTES,” to be as follows, that is to say : This Invention relates to improvements in the arrangement and construction of what is technically known as the “action" of cottage and cabinet or upright pianofortes, for the purposes of simplifying the parts and rendering the movement much more effective than has hitherto been the case, Under one 10 modification of these improvements, the key, which is carried by a central fulcrum or key pin in the usual way, has a recess mortised in the upper side of the back lever end of it, this recess being lined with cloth or other suitable sostmaterial, so as to work softly against the lower end of the vertical “sticker" or connecting rod. The lower end of the sticker, which is weighted to give 15 the required counterpoise effect, is loosely inserted pretty deeply into the morise, this being all the connection between the key lever and the sticker. The upper end of the sticker is bevilled off at a slight horizontal angle, corresponding to a similar bevilled surface upon the lower side of the crank arm working the hammer. The slope of the bevil on the sticker is towards the strings, and 20 the outer higher corner is attached by a suitable piece of leather or other lexible material to the corresponding outer end of the crank arm of the Wylie's Improvements in Pianofortes. [...]" Specifications of Inventions, 1857, p. 12


'Pianoforte-tuner' ca. 1857  (**1857) Edinburgh, Mid Lothian, North Britain


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