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Pianoforte-makers in Poland

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Brand Image Info Addresses

Upright piano ca. 1952-54, Museum of Industrial History, Opatówek, Poland


Piano brand, since 1949, a renaming of the Arnolf Gustav FIBIGER factory of 1878. And the successor was Gustaw FIBIGER II.

CALISIA builded already 44777 pianos in 1968. And until 1977 they produced 78161 pianos. (1)



Pianoforte-brand of FIBIGER

This factory established in Calisia [or Kalisz], in Poland, since 1949  by Gustav Arnold FIBIGER (°1878). The factory become closed during WW1. After WW1 and WW2 the Soviet occupation of Poland, this company was nationalized in 1945, and they only made furniture. From around 1949, they begun again a new pianoforte production. In 2007, the Calisia factory closed. After 2010, the Calisia name was acquired by VERSHOLD.


Fortepiany koncertowe „CALISIA” by Janusz Starzyk


The Calisia History

Produkcja pianin CALISIA w latach 1950–59, of Janusz Starzyk


Calisia (Kalisz)



Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer (date ?) Warsaw (Warszawa)
CHOJNACKI Ludwik Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer (date ?) ???

“CZISZAK et PETERSEN, facteurs de pianos ŕ Krzemieniec vers 1840, cités par le Tyyodnik Petersburgski de la męme année.” Les musiciens polonais et slaves, anciens et modernes: dictionnaire, Albert Sowiński, 1857, p. 139


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1840

CZISZAK et PETERESEN (ca. 1840), look also to PETERESEN


Grand pianoforte ca. 1830, Muzeum Narodowe, Cracow, Poland
Grand pianoforte ca. 1830-1835, Andrzej Szwalbe Collection, Bydgoszcz (formerly Bromberg), Poland


Pianoforte-maker and/or pianoforte dealer ca. 1830-35 Cracow


(*1857): 'Les musiciens polonais et slaves, anciens et modernes: dictionnaire', Albert Sowiński, 1857, p. 139




(1): 'Histoire de piano de 1700 ŕ 1950', Mario Pizzi, 1983


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